Who are the Most Influential Creative Agency Startups in UK Today?

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Despite uncertain times for businesses across the globe, the UK continues to be a thriving hub for creative agency startups. This hotbed of innovation brings together a potpourri of creative minds spanning various industries, from advertising and marketing to web design, podcasting, event management, and more. This piece will highlight 15 of the most interesting and ambitious creative startups across the UK, offering in-depth looks into their missions, industries, and the inspiring individuals behind them.


virtualdesigncloud is a design agency specialising in advertising, creative agency work, graphic design and web design. Founded by Adrian Fry, it embodies the dynamic revolution within the graphic design industry that’s driven by ever-evolving technology.


The ROKITA GROUP conglomerate primarily focuses on business support services in the financial sector. Founded by Jan Rokita, they venture into different industries including Angel Investment, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Creative Agency, Marketing and Software.


Podcast.co is a creative agency start-up specialising in audio and podcast services. Founded by James Mulvany, this unique platform empowers people all over the world to share and broadcast their narratives to a wide audience.

Bizbox North

BizBox North, a web design company specialising in small business websites, provides top-tier services in the creative agency, web design, and web development industries.

Trusted Media Agency

Providing full service digital marketing and website agency services in Peterborough and London, Trusted Media Agency was founded by Dean Lynn who aims to revolutionise the landscape of digital marketing.

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Untold Studios

Founded by Darren O’Kelly, Untold Studios develops original programming, produces music, and advertising content. They uniquely blend their creative agency capabilities with in-house content creation.

Selbay Anderson

Selbay Anderson Ltd. helps creative agencies succeed by delivering exceptional service & unparalleled flexibility. This assistance is pivotal not just in the creative agency industry, but also in marketing.


Professional influencer marketing agency THE FIFTH creates influencer campaigns for news, magazines, online or TV companies, reinforcing the relevance of smart advertising in the digital age.

The Allies

Freelance creative firm The Allies offers a suite of services including branding, photography, video production, animation, and product campaigning. The Allies underlines their commitment to functional and engaging design.


Positioning themselves as influencer marketing experts, INFLUENTIALLY is a modern content marketing, creative agency that recognises the game-changing potency of social media platforms, led by founder Nico Cary.

Go Live Group

Go Live Group is a creative agency providing services in content design, event management, technical production, and content development – making them an all-around solution for brands in need of diverse solutions.


Passion4Social is a creative agency that provides marketing solutions with a distinct focus on advertising, creative agency work, graphic design and marketing.


ROI-driven Caliston is a digital marketing agency specialising in creative agency work, SEO, social media, and web design. Founded by Kostas Alekoglu, Caliston is reshaping the digital marketing industry with solid ROI-focused strategies.

Celebrity Look Book Fashion Agency

With a unique proposition of offering affordable favourite celebrity looks, Celebrity Look Book Fashion Agency, founded by Roozy Lee, integrates creative agency work, e-commerce, fashion, marketing, and social media.

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Full Clarity Ltd

In the space of creative agency work, internet, software, UX design, and web development, Full Clarity Ltd specialises in data-driven web and mobile applications for startups. Founded by Ed Kemp and Jon Hewines, Full Clarity fuses creativity with quality data insights.

In conclusion, the UK creative agency landscape is vibrant with startups carving out niches and pushing boundaries. These 15 creative agencies give a snapshot of the pioneering thinking and execution coming out of the UK, making for an exciting future for the creative industry.

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