Who are the Most Influential UK Food and Beverage Startups?

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The Food and Beverage industry has always been marked with creativity and innovation. Held up as a burgeoning sector full of disruptors using new technologies and eco-conscious products to shake up the food and drink market, let’s delve into some exciting startups in the UK that are making triumphant strides in the food technology, sustainability and culinary sectors.

In recent years, the UK has seen a boom in the food tech industry encompassing a wide constellation of companies working across different food categories, retail technologies, software solutions, and sustainability initiatives – all promising to change the way we eat, drink and live.

From smart restaurants to sustainable sugar substitutes, the UK’s food and beverage startups are revolutionizing the sector. Let’s take a look at some of them.

EKU Technology

An innovative company aiming to shape the future of dining, EKU Technology is providing next-generation solutions for smart restaurants. While their website is currently under wraps, there is much anticipation surrounding their upcoming endeavors in revolutionizing how restaurants operate.

Myatt’s Fields Cocktails

Myatt’s Fields Cocktails is a London based bottled cocktail boutique, specializing in aged beverages. The company represents a fusion of tradition and innovation in the world of spirits, continually fueling interest for cocktail lovers across the city. It was founded by Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe.

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Big Smoke Fixers

Alternatively known for dealing with Film and TV production, Big Smoke Fixers also dips its toes into the Food and Beverage industry, serving as an intriguing hybrid startup. Headquartered in London, their multifaceted business model proves just how intertwined various industrie


An appraisal company for home and kitchen accessories, designrhome delves into the Food and Beverage sector via kitchen gadgets, coffee machines, and a collection of cooking items aimed at promoting healthy living. Their diverse product range caters to consumers’ varied needs.


A biotechnology company at heart, Supplant is creating sugar substitutes—providing more healthy options for everyone. Founded by Paul Dupree and Tom Simmons, this startup is propelling healthcare and food and beverage industries into more sustainable futures.

UrbanPan Ltd

UrbanPan Ltd. offers a revolutionary app connecting customers with food providers. It offers a modern solution for finding and ordering the best local eats, and was founded by Vinay Tandon.

Pesky Fish

Pesky Fish is leveraging technology to build transparency into the global seafood supply chain. The startup interfaces seafood suppliers and consumers directly, thanks to its co-founders Aiden Berry and Ben King.


Adwaiz, founded by Patrick Smith, is a Creative Communications Agency that operates around Creative Content, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, Paid Media, Digital Design and PR—all of which impact the Food and Beverage landscape.

BeeBee & Leaf

BeeBee & Leaf has made its own niche by crafting wax food wraps that are both natural and reusable—an innovative step towards sustainable Food and Beverage practices.

City Surfer

A collective brainchild of your “inner hipster, foodie, raver and fashion guru,” City Surfer brings all of these together in a simple to use app. Founded by Christopher Roach, it is redefining how consumers navigate their cities.

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Hop King

Hop King is capitalizing on two distinct yet complementary cultures—Beer and Skateboarding. Co-founders Ben Hopkinson and Ludi Hopkinson have created a unique dual brand that caters to enthusiasts in both realms.

Young Foodies

Young Foodies connects food and drink challenger brands, successfully fostering a community for them. This platform, founded by Christopher Green and Theadora Alexander, facilitates growth and collaboration for smaller scale, innovative enterprises.

Vape UK

Vape UK has carved a niche by specialising in premium UK Made E-liquids—an innovative offering which combines e-commerce with Food and Beverage.

ReMe Basket Ltd.

A startup with an eco-conscious business model, ReMe Basket Ltd. is determined to reduce food waste and help consumers save money. An agricultural startup at its core, it was founded by Somdip Dey.

Trade Show Explorer

Trade Show Explorer goes beyond the Food and Beverage industry by examining major trade events around the world, providing exposure to outstanding products, packaging and booth design innovations.

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