Who are the Pioneering UK Startups Shaping Identity Management in 2023?

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In a world where fraudulent activities are prevalent both online and offline, Identity Management is a critical aspect that cannot be ignored. Major breaches in recent years signify that traditional identity and verification methods are no longer sufficient. Fortunately, a new flock of startups in the UK has emerged, specializing in Identity Management. These startups bridge the gap in protection and security, pushing forward a more secure digital future.

While there are many Identity Management startups in the digital marketplace, we want to highlight some key players who have shown an innovative approach. They have set a new standard for handling digital identities and protecting valuable assets. These rapidly rising startups employ advanced technologies such as biometrics, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, offering their services to a wide array of industries.

The 15 highlighted startups vary in what they offer, but all share the primary goal of improving online identity management. With a refreshing take on how personal and professional identities are protected, these startups are worth keeping an eye on.


IDcheck is revolutionizing the realm of Biometric Screening and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, providing a unique SaaS solution. The startup operates across various industries such as Biometrics, Compliance, Cyber Security, Identity Management, Information Technology, Property Management, Real Estate, Rental Property, and SaaS. It was founded by Sara Statman.


LetFaster takes the innovative step of automating tenant screening. It provides services in Biometrics, Facial Recognition, Identity Management, Property Management, Real Estate, Rental Property, SaaS, and Software. Its founder is also Sara Statman.

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PledgeToPitch Ltd

If spam exhausts you, PledgeToPitch Ltd might be what you need. Striving to weed out unnecessary noise, the startup only invites serious and genuine interactions. PledgeToPitch operates within the Identity Management, Information Technology, Internet, Messaging, and Privacy sectors. It was founded by Barry Callaghan and Michal Kupczyk.


Goldilock is pushing boundaries in Data and Critical Infrastructure Security. This startup serves the Cyber Security, Data Storage, Identity Management, and Information Technology industries. It was created by Anthony Hasek, Jarrod Epps, and Stephen Kines.

IRIS Biometrics

Access, identification, and payment became more effortless with IRIS Biometrics. This startup uses cloud-based biometrics, serving the Biometrics, Identity Management, and Security sectors. Its founder is Asen Levov.

IRIS Payment Solutions

IRIS Payment Solutions is a Digital Identity and Wallet Platform that implements Biometric Authentication. Founded by Asen Levov and Krasimir Tonchev, it is vital in the realms of Biometrics, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTech, and Identity Management.


Focused on developing cross-border and cross-industry digital ecosystems, uqudo ensures users control their data. uqudo impacts the FinTech, Identity Management, InsurTech, and Internet industries. This starter was founded by Mohamed Fagiri.

Ai Video

Ai Video, a software service-based company, operates in sectors like Artificial Intelligence, Identity Management, Information Technology, and Software.


OneID offers age verification, customer onboarding, digital ID, biometrics, and identity services within the Biometrics, Identity Management, Information Technology, and Software sectors.


Stash is a digital identity service that allows users to create digital versions of their personal documents and identities. It operates within the Biometrics, Cloud Security, Identity Management, and Software industries.

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For Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance, MLVerify provides software that addresses identity verification and dashboard tasks. It serves industries like Compliance, Cyber Security, Identity Management, and Software.

Context Checks

Context Checks offers comprehensive employee screening, tenant referencing, and due diligence services. This is a critical tool within Consulting, Human Resources, Identity Management, Information Services, Information Technology, and Security sectors.


EarthId, a decentralized self-sovereign identity management platform, operates within the Identity Management and Service Industry. It was founded by Shiv Aggarwal.


fraud.com helps balance risk with a seamless user experience by delivering an end-to-end fraud prevention and management paradigm. This startup aids sectors like Analytics, Biometrics, Fraud Detection, Identity Management, and Software. It was founded by Barry Bowen, Bulent Ozkan, and Emre Sayin.

ZAKA Group Ltd.

ZAKA Group Ltd. aids companies in remotely verifying and on-boarding new, trusted, and qualified customers in emerging markets. It operates within the Identity Management and Information Technology sectors. ZAKA Group was founded by Nick Mason and Sasha Borovik.

These 15 Identity Management startups are not only paving the way for a more secure digital future but also are playing a vital role in transforming how people and businesses handle their assets online. With their vast expertise and disruptive technologies, they are setting the bar high for security and identity management.

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