Who are the Top Influencers in UK’s Electrical Distribution Startup Scene?

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Startups form the backbone of the UK economy, driving innovation and change across industries, such as consumer technology, construction, and increasingly, electrical distribution. A surge of electrical distribution startups in the nation have been driving the sector, helping to digitise the traditional power grid, driving the electric vehicle revolution, supporting the growth of climate technology and more. This article will showcase some of the most innovative startups shaking up the electrical distribution industry in the UK.

These startups serve to fill even the smallest niches in the industry, from specialising in the design and integration of vehicle electrification systems, to developing smart EV chargers and charging solutions, and even offering technical support and services for electrical distribution. And it’s not just the products that are diverse – these startups come from a range of backgrounds, such as angel investment, consulting, and event management, bringing a range of expertise to the electrical distribution industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting electrical distribution startups in the United Kingdom in alphabetical order. For each, we’ll delve into their main area of specialism, who the founders are, and their overall mission and vision for the industry.


nVent, a global provider of electrical connection and protection solutions, brings a vital role to the electrical distribution industry. With a team of dedicated professionals, nVent ensures electrical safety and efficiency on a large scale.

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Sprint Power

Founded by Richie Frost, Sprint Power specialises in the design and integration of vehicle electrification systems. Their innovative solutions are a boon to the electric vehicle, power grid and electrical distribution industries.

Quantum Electrical Distribution

Quantum Electrical Distribution, founded by Tony Jenner, offers technical support, services, and products for electrical distribution. Their expert team provides invaluable wholesale and technical support to the industry.


Founded by Dave Hughes and Richard Cooper, Novosound utilises their design and manufacturing capabilities to develop highly customizable and scalable ultrasound solutions, bringing an innovative edge to the electronics manufacturing industry.


Founded by Benjamin Edwards and Flavian Alexandru, Hypervolt is an energy company that manufactures and develops EV smart chargers for electronic devices. They are driving the electrical distribution and electric vehicle industries forward with their tech solutions.

EnSmart Power

EnSmart Power designs and manufactures ups systems, power converters, batteries, and energy storage systems. Their diverse product range caters to multiple industries including consumer electronics, energy, and manufacturing.


Garda-Tech, an appliances, electrical, and electronics manufacturing company, contributes remarkably to the machinery manufacturing and electrical distribution industries with its innovative solutions.

SRK Constructions

Founded by Sandeep Kumar, SRK Constructions offers a range of construction, plumbing, and electrical fitting services for small and large projects, making a significant contribution to the project management and construction industry.

Apollo Tech LTD

Apollo Tech LTD, a consumer electronics manufacturer, brings a fresh perspective to the electrical distribution and lighting industry with its diverse product range.

Symbio Energy

Symbio Energy, an electricity provider firm for businesses and commercial properties, brings innovative energy solutions to the professional services and electrical distribution industries.

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Founded by Pingchuan Ma and Xinran Zhao, RELAXER TECHNOLOGY lands and distribute innovate products and brands from China into the UK, helping to bring international innovation to the national scene.

Global CleanTech Summit

Founded by Ross Kingsland, the Global CleanTech Summit offers events and information related to clean energy, electrical distribution, smart cities and more to drive ecological efforts and innovation.

Home Zap

Home Zap offers environment-friendly and efficient charging solutions with a professional service to the residential and commercial market. Their focus on eco-friendly products aligns perfectly with the rising tide of concern for our environment.

Novara Technologies

Novara Technologies manufactures overmoulded cables, discrete cable assemblies and wiring looms. Their wiring solutions play a vital role in the electronics and electrical distribution industry.

OakTree Power

Founded by Andreas Wiele and Guillaume Molhant-Proost, OakTree Power is a leading climate technology startup headquartered in London. Their solutions touch upon clean energy, electrical distribution, and energy management, making them a key player in the energy sector.

This list of startups are the pioneers leading the way with cutting-edge technology and dynamic models, aiming to positively disrupt the electrical distribution industry. Working towards a greener, smarter and more efficient future, these companies are certainly ones to watch out for in the coming years.

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