Who are the Top Influential UK Mobile Payments Startups in 2023?

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As mobile payments gain more traction in our day-to-day lives, an increasing number of startups are taking the fintech industry by storm in the UK. These innovative companies are revolutionizing how we send and manage money, from offering global payment platforms to introducing blockchain and cryptocurrency into everyday transactions. Given the current economic climate and shifting consumer preferences, these startups are pushing the envelope and making digital payments more convenient, user-friendly and secure than ever before. Here are some of the most exciting UK startups paving the way for the future of mobile payments.


Paycado, the brainchild of founders Nadya Miteva and Veselin Sidjimov, is a neobank with a difference. They offer affordable and intuitive banking services, leveraging technology like blockchain for secure and efficient transactions. Their comprehensive financial services extend from consumer lending and wealth management to mobile payments and point of sale solutions.

Transactive Systems

Transactive Systems, founded by Daniel Edwards, develops transaction processing software that offers single-source access to diverse payment systems. They are making strides in the fintech, mobile payments, and software industries with their innovative approach to payment processing.


Paysend, founded by Abdul Abdulkerimov and Ronald Millar, has created a global financial technology platform that allows any Visa or MasterCard to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. It is redefining financial services and making mobile payments and transfers easier and more accessible.

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FLEXDEV INC is not just your average software development company. By offering outsourcing services, they are pushing boundaries in the consulting, information technology, legal, and mobile payments sectors.

Techwisely Ltd

Founded by Faiq Ali Farooqui, Shamail Siddiqui, and Uzair Ahmed Siddiqui, Techwisely Ltd provides a solution for long queues with its intuitive mobile and smartwatch platform. The hands-free counterless checkout solution incorporates big data, loyalty programs, mobile payments, and speech recognition technology.

Ping Money

Ping Money, founded by Eliman Jallow, focuses on providing simple and easy money transfers and bill payments through their fintech mobile money platform. They are making a significant impact in the financial services sector with their mobile payments solution.


PayQin, with founders Fabrice Amalaman and Pierre-Antoine Sesque at the helm, aims to simplify online payment for Africa. They are carving a niche for themselves in the e-commerce, financial services, and mobile payments industries by making it simple, quick, and safe to make online payments.

Pillar Project

The Pillar Project, started by David Siegel, Michael Messele, and Robert Gaskell, has developed a platform to contextually manage your identity and transact with the services of the digital economy. Using technology such as blockchain and Ethereum, they are making asset management, mobile payments and other transactions more secure and seamless.

Bike Hutch

Founded by David Gamble and Martin Wilson, Bike Hutch merges transportation, technology, and property into one platform. Through cycling, mobile apps, mobile payments, and property management, they are delivering a unique combination of services.


GivingStreets, founded by Dimitris Dres and Dimitris Vassiliadis, enables cashless donations powered by blockchain. They are utilizing the power of fintech and mobile payments to make charitable giving easier and more accessible.

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Jifflr, initiated by John Dixon and Steve Welchman, is a fresh take on market research. The app combines the power of mobile and software technology with the convenience of mobile payments to offer a new and fun way of conducting market research.


DGTL PAY is a standout in the analytics, cryptocurrency, and mobile payments industries. They focus on payment data analytics and reporting, helping businesses leverage data to improve payment processing and decision-making.


Zilch, the innovative startup moulded by Philip Belamant and Sean O’Connor, is a “buy now, pay later” app that transforms retail shopping. Their customers can shop anywhere Mastercard is accepted without having to worry about hidden costs.


BR-DGE, driven by Thomas Gillan, empowers merchants by using payment orchestration to take control of the end-to-end payment journey. Whether it’s cryptocurrency or mobile payments, they are paving the way for new possibilities in business transactions.


The brainchild of Masitano Sichone, Spareable is an information and technology services company that combines online grocery shopping with mobile applications. Their innovative platforms are making a difference in the information technology, mobile and mobile payments sectors.

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