Who are the Top Outsourcing Startup Powerhouses in the UK?

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Outsourcing has become increasingly popular among businesses worldwide and the United Kingdom is no exception. As a way of reducing costs and gaining access to expertise and resources not available in-house, many UK-based startups have taken the option to outsource various parts of their operations. In recent times, an array of promising UK startups with a core focus on providing outsourcing services to other organizations have emerged. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 15 particularly interesting examples.

Whether you’re looking for outsourcing solutions or are simply interested in Britain’s growing startup scene, these companies offer a fascinating insight into the increasingly diverse ways in which businesses are leveraging the advantages of outsourcing. They cover an impressive range of sectors; from traditional recruitment services to complex digital technology solutions. Moreover, they show how UK startups are not just using outsourcing for their own ends, but have indeed created whole businesses built around fulfilling the outsourcing needs of other companies.

The startups highlighted in this article not only demonstrate the strong level of creative and entrepreneurial spirit within the UK but also the evolving nature of outsourcing and how it isn’t limited to just one industry or sector. Here they are:

Wittenhearst Alexzander

The brainchild of founder Stephen-Francis Wittenhearst-Alexzander, Wittenhearst Alexzander is a creative agency covering a range of services from graphic design and marketing to photography and video advertising. They emphasize on working with passion in order to deliver stunning works of art.

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Optask is an on-demand platform that enables businesses to outsource their customer service operations. The startup has leveraged the outsourcing model to create a flexible and cost-effective solution to tackle customer support.

Project Rising

A venture by Oliver Corder and Tim Davies, Project Rising specializes in IT services such as web development, SEO, project management, outsourcing services and UX design. They offer a comprehensive suite of services for businesses to enhance their digital footprint.

Outsource Ethiopia

Focusing heavily on supporting SaaS companies, Outsource Ethiopia offers remote sales staff to help businesses double revenues and reduce costs by up to 70%.

Leonid Group

Specializing in staffing, Leonid Group offers recruiting services for roles like business development, risk managers, and R&D tax consultants. They focus on recruiting the right people to drive businesses forward.


Oscore presents itself as an outstanding solution provider in .net core, offering cloud management, software, and web development services.

4D Contact

With a deep focus on financial services, 4D Contact provides solutions like debt recovery and credit management to help businesses improve cash flow and drive efficiency.

Synergy HR VI

Providing a wide range of services, Synergy HR VI helps businesses tackle tasks such as recruitment outsourcing, business continuity planning, career coaching, tax preparation, and payroll services.

Mint Live

Mint Live is an outsourcing company, whose offerings extend into the realms of business development, customer service, and web design.


UpwardComms provides a suite of end-to-end contact center, fulfillment, and marketing services to ensure the completion of customer-centered operations for businesses.

Eose Data

Eose Data works to deliver exceptional data and services with a focus on Data Commercialisation and Data Sourcing.

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D1 Insights

D1 Insights enables businesses to sustain & improve growth and regain their power through their bespoke services.

Inceptial Technologies UK Ltd

With headquarters in Liverpool, Inceptial Technologies UK Ltd is an IT development and staffing firm that is fully committed to customer success.


Founded by Andy Ngo, Charles Morizot, and Luc Leray, Sequence.work is a microtask online crowdsourcing solution, showing the power of combining analytics, outsourcing and software.

Ebuiteq Limited

Founded by Rajesh Verma, Ebuiteq Limited provides specialized solutions in AI, Cloud, Data, and more. They leverage digital technology to help businesses transform and excel.

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