Who are the Top Pioneering UK Agriculture Startups Shaping 2023?

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As modern technology evolves, UK start-ups are at the forefront of utilising these advances to revolutionise agriculture and help deliver a more sustainable and efficient industry. From AI-operated greenhouses to platforms tackling food waste, these young companies are bringing innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. This article will dive into fifteen of these groundbreaking agricultural start-ups based right here in the United Kingdom.


Founded by Anthony Kerfyser and Pascale Martin, Agronomex is a trading and procurement platform tackling the significant problem of agricultural food waste. Occupying the intersection of Agriculture, AgTech, Information Technology, Procurement, Software, and Supply chain management, this innovative start-up is making quite a splash in the industry.

Optimal Agriculture

Optimal Agriculture, the brainchild of David Hunter and João Abrantes, aims to deploy AI-operated greenhouses outside every city on earth. This innovative company works within the realms of Agriculture, AgTech, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Software, and is one to watch in the agricultural technology sphere.


In the world of Agriculture, AgTech, Cannabis, Farming, Flowers, Horticulture, and Industrial Automation, Petiole is carving a niche. Founded by Andrii Seleznov and Maryna Kuzmenko, Petiole offers a yield prediction and monitoring tool that utilises smartphone technology.

SeFF Fibre Ltd

SeFF Fibre Ltd is a venture by Josh Nusenbaum. Operating in the agriculture, electronics, fashion, manufacturing, product design, and textiles industries, this company is churning out innovative products from cottonised Hemp, heralding a textile revolution on an industrial scale.

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ReMe Basket Ltd.

Spearheaded by Somdip Dey, ReMe Basket Ltd aims to reduce food waste and help individuals save money. Operating in the agriculture and food and beverage industry, their application is gaining traction for its efficiency and practicality.

Nell Health

Laura Moore’s Nell Health is a platform aimed at creating healthier, more productive workplaces. Working in the agriculture, fitness, health care, and wellness sectors, this start-up is focused on overall wellbeing within organisations.

The Small Robot Company

The Small Robot Company, co-founded by Ben Scott-Robinson and Sam Watson Jones, is committed to bringing the concept of per plant farming to life for the world’s largest crops. Their company sits at the intersection of agriculture, agtech, artificial intelligence, farming, food and beverage, robotics, and software.


Olombria, founded by Greg Orrom Swan, Louis Alderson-Bythell, and Tashia Tucker is an agricultural technology company developing methods to help increase pollination and ensure greater crop yields. They curate fly activity to achieve their mission.


Founded by Glen Slade, BigSis is developing chemical-free insect control solutions. This biotech startup is playing an essential role in the Agriculture, AgTech, and Biotechnology industry, contributing to more sustainable farming practices.

Earth Rover

At the vanguard of the agriculture, AI, farming, robotics, and software industries, Earth Rover is the child of David Whitewood, James Arthur, and Sergio A. Martinez. Their company develops precision farming robots, placing the autonomous farm of the future at everyone’s doorstep.


Sergey Novikov’s Likemeal is a food recommendation service operating in the agriculture, delivery, food and beverage, and internet sectors. By making it easier for consumers to discover and try new meals, Likemeal is influencing food preferences and consumption habits.

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Beta Bugs Limited

Thomas Farrugia’s Beta Bugs Limited is an insect genetics company that develops and distributes top-performing Black Soldier Fly breeds to insect farmers. Active in the agriculture, agtech, biotechnology, farming, genetics, and life science industries, Beta Bugs Limited has great potential for significant impacts.

Shockingly Fresh

Shockingly Fresh aims to revolutionise farming systems with their natural light vertical farm technology. This startup contributes significantly to the future of agriculture, AgTech, and farming.

Oxbury Bank

Oxbury Bank, founded by James Farrar, Nick Evans, and Timothy Coates, is the UK’s only specialist agricultural bank. With a singular focus on the rural economy, this specialist financial institution operates within the agriculture, AgTech, banking, farming, financial services, FinTech, and lending space.

EcoNomad Solutions

EcoNomad Solutions, founded by Alexander Demenko and Ilan Adler, is an agtech start-up advocating for the sustainability of smallholder farming worldwide. Focusing on agriculture, agtech, farming, natural resources, renewable energy, and sustainability, EcoNomad is an example of ethical entrepreneurship in the modern-day.

These companies are not just about profits; they embody the intersection of technology and sustainability. It’s no wonder they are heralding a revolution in the agricultural industry as they leverage their diverse backgrounds and expertise to innovate, disrupt, and shape the future of farming in the UK and beyond.

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