Who Are UK’s 2023 Leading Innovators in the Hospitality Startups Scene?

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As we embrace the digital age, startups in all sectors are toying with innovative solutions to bring about change. The hospitality market specifically is a hotbed of activity, sparking the interest of both entrepreneurs and investors. In this article, we present an overview of 15 inspiring UK-based hospitality startups that are forging the way for industry leaders and consumers alike.

We shine a light on a collection of exciting businesses from Luxury Beach Life, a hospitality company focused on hotel investments; to Viper, a nightlife app that lets users browse and book tables in bars and clubs. For the sake of variety, we also draw attention to a few tech-focused solutions — say, for instance, BookNow Software that offers a booking, commerce and operational management system built on top of Salesforce.

Grab your virtual clipboards entrepreneurs, let’s deep dive into this inspiring mix of hospitality startups enhancing the way we travel, experience, and indulge in this new era of consumer-led demand.

Luxury Beach Life

Luxury Beach Life operates in the commercial real estate sector but skilfully intertwines aspects of tourism, property development and leisure. Their specialty lies in offering hotel investments, forging a distinct path in the realms of hospitality.

Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA)

The STAA purpose is ensuring greater cooperation in an industry that demands it and tackles common industry challenges. They stand out as they focus squarely on the shared economy, helping manage the risks and legislation surrounding short lets.

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Hotel Treats

Hotel Treats, founded by Bogdan Dziewierz, Kasia Pankowska, and Liza Iakovleva, is a SaaS platform and marketplace that works with luxury hotels to sell gift vouchers and experiences online. This e-commerce solution gives hospitality businesses the power to make extra revenue while providing guests with additional amenities.


Not your typical hospitality startup, Staylists builds curated hotel booking experiences for events and destinations. The brainchild of Adrian Melrose and Chris Waters, it is here to revolutionize the reservations industry and how we plan our trips.

Sentiment Search

Founded by Prithvi Dhanda, Sentiment Search brings to the table an advanced review insights platform targeting restaurants. By leveraging social media analytics, it helps restaurants understand customer sentiment better and tailor their offering accordingly.

City Surfer

City Surfer gives users the chance to explore their cities like never before. Founded by Christopher Roach, this app amalgamates the best of hipster, foodie, and raver into one easy-to-use platform that helps you discover unknown spots and events.

Young Foodies

Young Foodies is a startup focused on providing a space for food and drink enthusiast to connect. Founded by Theadora Alexander and Christopher Green, their community offers specialist services for the most exciting food and drink challenger brands.


Mixing hospitality with logistics is HYPR. This platform is an app-based luxury transport membership system designed for travellers who appreciate top-notch convenience and style.

BookNow Software

A tech-based hospitality solution, BookNow Software offers a powerful booking, commerce, and operational management solution built on the Salesforce platform. It brings a swift, efficient, and intuitive system to the table.

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Neat Services

Neat Services, founded by Sean Parry, provides premium domestic cleaning services–a crucial aspect of accommodating high-paying guests in the hospitality industry.


Founded by Burak Sefer, Sahin Çağlayan, and Utku Simitli, Faradai is an AI-powered enterprise intelligence platform designed to help businesses identify and implement net-zero strategies, with applications in hospitality, real estate, and government sectors.


Founded by Andrew Paterson, Rentir combines long-term and short-term rentals to maximize property yields, bringing innovative approaches to property management and hospitality in the UK.

Obsequio Software

Obsequio Software, founded by Phil Schofield, offers a SaaS-based consent management platform for all types of CRM systems for businesses, playing a crucial role in GDPR compliance strategies in sectors including hospitality.


Viper is the brainchild of Craig Davies, Craig Gidley, and Stephen Powell. This award-winning nightlife app allows users to browse and book tables or booths and purchase drinks packages—with a provision for queue jump—in bars and clubs.


Rounding our list off is booknbook, founded by Giuseppe Cianci. This startup works in the best interest of restaurateurs, offering a platform that works as a bridge between restaurants and the digital world.

These startups are pushing innovation in the hospitality sector, each offering unique solutions to various industry practices. If their success stories spark spontaneous ideation for the future of hospitality, make sure to keep note. There’s a wealth of opportunity in the digital hospitality space waiting to be discovered.

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