Who Leads England’s Computer Startups Revolution in the Industry Today?

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Across the UK, startups are harnessing pioneering technology to disrupt everything from scientific research to hairdressing. Here, we take a deep dive into some of the most exciting businesses changing the face of the computer sector in Britain, whether it’s through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning or augmented reality (AR), these companies are pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible.

It’s not just the breadth of sectors turning to technological innovation that is impressive, but also the myriad ways these startups are applying technology to their businesses. What’s more, with the rise of new industries such as VR and AR, combined with AI and machine learning, we are witnessing the creation of entirely new sectors.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the most innovative computer startups in England who are leading the charge in this brave new world. Meet the trailblizers.


Founded by Alex Cheung, Kami.ai is an AI platform that provides businesses with intelligent robot advisory services. Perched at the intersection of artificial intelligence, human-computer interactions, and machine learning, this business is driving radical advancements in the way companies operate.


A startup dedicated to revolutionizing scientific research, Labstep captures real-time data to provide a shareable record of lab activity. Built by Jake Schofield, Jan Domanski, and Sven Kirkerup, the company uniquely combines analytics, collaboration, computer technology, mobile apps, and software to streamline laboratory work.

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XYZ Reality

XYZ Reality is using augmented reality to disrupt the construction industry, cutting project costs by up to 20%. Founded by David Mitchell, Murray Hendriksen, and Umar Ahmed, the company is defining the new age of construction through AR solutions.


Offering a range of technology products including cables, screens, AC adaptors, chargers, keyboards, and touch digitizers, LCD4Laptop is an innovative e-commerce business specializing in a broad spectrum of computer hardware and retail.


Correvate, created by Dr. David Selviah and Roger Maran, uses point cloud processing technology (Vercator) to provide unique insights. Their technical solutions cut across several sectors including 3D technology, big data, civil engineering, cloud computing, computer vision, geospatial pursuits, and construction.

Valkyrie Industries

Valkyrie Industries, built by Ivan Isakov, Kourosh Atefipour, and Oliver Cleveley-Jones, is creating a platform that delivers natural perception through the integration of AI, AR, human-computer interaction, machine learning, robotics, and virtual reality.

Machine Medicine Technologies

Specializing in the development of precision neurotherapeutics, Machine Medicine, which was created by Georgiana Petria and Jonathan O’Keeffe, employs AI, machine learning, and computer visions in their operating system for neuromodulation.


GoodVision, created by Daniel Stofan and Lukas Hruby, has developed an advanced traffic analytics platform using AI. The platform uses machine learning and big data to drive innovation in transportation and smart city applications.


A pioneer in healthcare recruitment, MedicBank uses AI technology to directly connect hospitals with healthcare workers through a web and mobile platform, streamlining medical personnel hiring for institutions.

Deep Innovations

Sam Weitzman’s Deep Innovations provides complex real-time computer vision through its ScoutX platform, making substantial advancements through AI, machine learning, and cloud computing.

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Applying computer vision to transport data, FlowX, founded by Kylan Gibbs and Richard Cartwright, provides city authorities with valuable insights by integrating with existing CCTV networks.


Developed by Elemi Atigolo, Buildily is an online accelerator platform dedicated to supporting emerging entrepreneurs and startups. The company provides a host of services including business development, educational resources, and funding platforms, among others.


Aimed at optimizing underutilized rooftop spaces, Skyscape founded by Brandon Bell and Damian Kysely has developed an analytics and online marketplace solution assisted by computer vision and geospatial technology.


Transforming the beauty sector, Aircut, the brainchild of Jacopo Ranalli, is pioneering an augmented reality hairdressing app, introducing cutting-edge technology to the world of hairstyling.


Vyking, founded by Matthew Klimpke, Stephan Klimpke and Thibault Marion de Procé, pushes the boundaries of fashion through its 3D, AR & Virtual Try-On Technology. Merging artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and computer vision, the company is innovating at the intersection of technology and fashion.

The ingenuity of these startups is dazzling, recalibrating the boundaries of what we believed possible in their respective sectors. With AI, machine learning, and AR, among other technologies, these businesses continue to transform how we live and work – proof that innovation knows no bounds.

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