Will 3D Web Development Revolutionise the UK’s Media and Entertainment Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Immersionn is a creative media technology company that innovates the way we approach web spaces by transforming traditional 2D web pages into immersive 3D online worlds.
  • Based in London and with a virtual presence in 7 countries, the company caters to renowned clients such as NEOM, T-Systems and Huawei.
  • Through the use of gaming technology and virtual reality, Immersionn is changing the landscape of the UK’s Media and Entertainment Industry.
  • 3D web development could potentially revolutionize the way audiences perceive and interact with online worlds, increasing engagement and lead conversion.

As the UK’s Media and Entertainment Industry continues to expand and evolve, innovative startups are making waves with groundbreaking technology. One such startup, Immersionn, is injecting new life into the way we interact with the web and offering a glimmer into the future of online spaces. A creative media technology company greatly transforming the landscape of the Media and Entertainment, Events, 3D Technology and Software industries.

Based in London, England, Immersionn has made a name for itself in the tech scene by successfully building 3D online worlds that completely alter the experience of web browsing. Utilizing game industry technologies, they reimagine traditional 2D flat web pages into interactive 3D virtual worlds resulting in increased audiences’ engagement, higher lead conversions, and brand affinity for each online interaction.

So, what sets Immersionn apart on the vibrant startup scene? The company’s profound commitment to innovation is evident in the unique service it offers. By harnessing the power of the gaming industry to create immersive, interactive 3D environments, websites are no longer static entities but offer an engaging user experience that promotes interaction and brand engagement.

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Furthermore, Immersionn’s impressive portfolio, collaborations with prestigious projects and clients such as NEOM, T-Systems, and Huawei, ensures the company stays ahead on all fronts. Based in London, Immersionn has extended its virtual footprints to 7 different countries, broadening its client base and establishing itself as a game-changer in the industry.

Looking to the future, Immersionn appears poised to continue disrupting the media and entertainment industry, driving us closer towards a reality where 3D web development becomes the norm and not the exception. Moreover, as the company and similar startups continue to grow and push boundaries, we can expect to see an even greater revolution within the UK’s media and entertainment industry. The future of online interaction holds an exciting promise and Immersionn is at the helm.

Could this be the birth of a disruptive movement within the UK’s media and entertainment industry? Only time will tell. For a 360-degree view of their work, visit the Immersionn website www.immersionn.com and connect with them on social media – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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