15 Information Startups in Cambridge: Paving the Way to Innovation

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Cambridge has a long history of scientific and technological innovation, and the Information Technology (IT) sector is no exception. From AI-powered healthcare to blockchain-based real estate management, these 15 startups in Cambridge are at the forefront of technological innovation, revolutionizing their industries with cutting-edge products and services.

Sano Genetics: Personalized Medicine Research

Sano Genetics is a personalized medicine research platform that puts data privacy and transparency at its core. Their platform enables users to contribute to medical research while retaining control over their genetic data.

Kirontech: Revolutionizing Healthcare Data

Kirontech uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to revolutionize the use of healthcare data. Their platform helps healthcare providers make more accurate diagnoses, provide more effective treatments and improve patient outcomes.

Lucido: SaaS Due Diligence

Lucido is a SaaS company that provides due diligence services to businesses. Their platform streamlines the due diligence process, making it faster, more efficient and more cost-effective.

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InsurTechnix: Innovative Technologies for Cyber Insurers

InsurTechnix develops and commercializes innovative technologies for cyber insurers. Their platform uses AI to analyze cyber risk and help insurers provide better coverage and reduce losses.

Sunlight.io: Scaling application infrastructure at the edge

Sunlight makes running and managing applications and infrastructure at the edge as easy as “in the cloud” across 100s to 1000s of remote locations. Sunlight is the thinnest, fastest HyperConverged Edge infrastructure platform built to run applications at the edge.

Nu Quantum: End-to-End Quantum Cryptography Systems

Nu Quantum is building the quantum networking infrastructure essential to scaling quantum computers, by interconnecting quantum computing cores into large distributed clusters.

Granta Innovation: AI and ML Applications in Business and Healthcare

Granta Innovation specializes in research, consulting and development of AI and ML applications in business and healthcare. Their solutions enable businesses to improve operations, increase efficiency and enhance patient outcomes.

Ziphii Ltd: Community-Led Experience Platform

Ziphii is a community-led experience platform for businesses that enables them to deliver contextual and relevant experiences. Their platform uses AI to analyze user behavior and provide personalized experiences that drive engagement and loyalty.

Jumptech: Simplifying EV Charger Installation

Jumptech is a specialist solution provider that simplifies electric vehicle charger installation. Their platform enables users to install EV chargers more efficiently, reducing costs and increasing access to electric vehicles.

Doc2: Simplifying Contract Creation and Management

Doc2 allows SMEs to create, send and eSign their contracts in seconds. Their platform streamlines contract creation and management, reducing administrative costs and increasing efficiency.

Things On Edge Ltd.: Low-Power, Low-Cost IoT Platform

Things On Edge Ltd. develops an IoT platform designed for low-power and low-cost devices. Their platform enables businesses to connect and manage their IoT devices more efficiently, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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Xipe: Software Development Teams for Your Product

Xipe creates software development teams for your product. Their platform enables businesses to quickly assemble a development team that meets their specific needs, reducing time-to-market and increasing flexibility.

Conundrum: Industrial AI Software for Metal, Mining, and Steel Industries

Conundrum is a leading provider of Industrial AI software that accelerates digital transformation for metal, mining and steel industries. Their platform uses AI to optimize industrial processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Black Robin Coffee Limited: Ultimate Convergence of Coffee and Technology

Black Robin Coffee Limited provides high-quality food and beverage available in-store, online and via subscription, aiming to be the ultimate convergence of coffee and technology. Their platform enables customers to order and manage their coffee subscriptions more efficiently, reducing costs and increasing convenience.

Seso Global: Secure Real Estate Management and Transactions in Africa

Seso Global is a platform for secure real estate management and transactions in Africa. Their platform uses blockchain technology to ensure secure and transparent real estate transactions, reducing fraud and increasing efficiency.


The information technology startups in Cambridge are at the forefront of technological innovation, revolutionizing their industries with cutting-edge products and services. From personalized medicine research to blockchain-based real estate management, these startups are paving the way for a brighter and more innovative future.

If you’re interested in learning more about these startups or the innovative technology landscape in Cambridge, be sure to check out their websites and stay tuned for more exciting developments in this rapidly-evolving industry.

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