Are Tech-Agnostic Virtual Wards Transforming UK’s Healthcare through Big Data?

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Key takeaways;

  • Doccla, a London based startup, is pioneering tech-agnostic virtual wards.
  • The startup partners with care organisations to prevent hospital readmissions by monitoring patients remotely.
  • Doccla’s Covid-19 support service began as an NHS research project and is now in use at Northampton General Hospital.
  • The innovative use of big data in healthcare is transforming the UK’s healthcare industry.

The UK’s healthcare system is on the cusp of a data-driven revolution, led by innovators like London-based startup, Doccla. With its focus on a tech-agnostic approach, Doccla embodies the potential of big data in transforming healthcare. The company is the pioneer in developing virtual wards, a cutting-edge concept in healthcare that enables remote patient monitoring to prevent hospital readmissions and facilitate early discharges.

Doccla’s trailblazing initiative was born out of a research project for the NHS that later evolved into a Covid-19 support service. This service was subsequently designed and launched in collaboration with Northampton General Hospital, marking a crucial step forward in integrating big data and IT into the healthcare industry.

Doccla sets itself apart in the startup landscape with its unique tech-agnostic approach. This approach allows them to choose the best technological devices in the industry, regardless of their brand or make, for patient monitoring. This ensures the quality of their service is not hindered by brand restrictions, providing them with the flexibility to ensure their patients receive the best possible care from wherever they may be.

Furthermore, Doccla’s model prevents unnecessary hospital readmissions, thereby reducing the overall strain on the UK’s healthcare facilities. This revolutionary model could not only prove financially beneficial by reducing healthcare expenditure, but also significantly improve patient satisfaction and treatment efficacy.

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In the dynamic landscape of the healthcare industry, Doccla is setting a standard for the integration of technology and data. With their innovative concept of tech-agnostic virtual wards, they are at the vanguard of the substantial transformations that technology can bring about in healthcare. The startup’s future seems promising, with the potential for their concept to be adopted more widely in the healthcare industry.

Big data in healthcare is indeed a transformative force, with Doccla standing as a testament to its potential. As the gap between technology and healthcare continues to narrow, the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care are bound to rise, leading to a better future for healthcare in the UK and perhaps, even globally.

To learn more about Doccla and their pioneering work in tech-agnostic virtual wards, you can visit their website at Connect with them on LinkedIn.

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