Beyond Filters: 15 Cutting-Edge Photography Startups Disrupting London’s Scene!

Captivating Moments and Cutting-Edge Technologies Shape London's Photography Startups.

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London, the cultural and artistic hub of the United Kingdom, is not only renowned for its historical landmarks and diverse population but also for fostering a thriving ecosystem of innovative startups. Among the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape, the photography industry stands out with a multitude of startups bringing fresh perspectives, creative solutions, and cutting-edge technologies to the field. In this article, we will showcase 15 captivating photography startups that are making waves in London.

Shock: Connecting the World through Location-Based Photo Sharing

Shock, a location-based photo sharing app, is revolutionizing the way people connect and share experiences. With its innovative platform, Shock enables users to meet new people from around the world and engage in meaningful conversations. The app’s seamless integration of messaging, content sharing, and social media features creates a captivating environment for photography enthusiasts and globetrotters alike.

Domeble: Unlocking New Dimensions with CGI and VR Assets

Domeble takes photography to new dimensions by providing high-resolution CGI backplates, matched 360° HDRI’s, and super-resolution VR assets. This startup caters to the automotive and gaming industries, offering stunning visual assets that enhance virtual experiences and bring digital worlds to life.

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ONQOR Group: Merging Marketing and Technology

ONQOR Group is a powerhouse in the marketing and technology realm. This multifaceted agency excels in graphic design, printing, SEO, software development, video production, and web design. Their diverse range of expertise allows them to deliver comprehensive solutions to clients in need of top-notch photography services.

Wittenhearst Alexzander: Crafting Works of Art

Wittenhearst Alexzander is a creative agency that epitomizes artistry in its various forms. From visualizations and craftsmanship to writing and filming, this startup produces captivating works of art. Their keen eye for photography and design elevates their creations, making them a sought-after agency for clients with a discerning taste.

Feedsauce: Custom Product Photos for Brands

Feedsauce provides a dynamic platform that enables brands to obtain custom product photos effortlessly. With a keen focus on e-commerce and marketing, Feedsauce ensures that businesses have high-quality and visually appealing product images that drive engagement and boost sales.

TRYATEC: Renting the Latest Tech Gadgets

TRYATEC is an insured online marketplace that caters to tech enthusiasts. By offering a C2C/B2C platform, TRYATEC allows individuals to rent the latest gadgets, including drones, cameras, and VR gear. This startup embraces the sharing economy, empowering users to explore new technologies without the burden of ownership.

Bafter: Simplifying Case Study Creation

Bafter streamlines the process of creating photo-enhanced case studies. With just a few clicks, users and their teams can generate stunning case studies that effectively showcase their projects. This app is a valuable tool for professionals in various industries, including photography.

Social Buff: Empowering Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Social Buff acts as a digital partner for next-generation direct-to-consumer brands. Their expertise in advertising, animation, graphic design, and photography positions them as a valuable asset for brands looking to establish a strong online presence. Social Buff combines creativity and strategy to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

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Travlrr: Immersive Advertising Experiences

Travlrr is an advertising agency that specializes in immersive experiences. With expertise in virtual reality, video production, photography, and influencer marketing, Travlrr creates captivating campaigns that leave a lasting impact. Their innovative approach to advertising sets them apart in the highly competitive industry.

AfricanPhotos Magazine: Celebrating African Culture through Photography

AfricanPhotos Magazine is a digital media company dedicated to delivering news and entertainment to millions of Africans. Their commitment to showcasing the richness and diversity of African culture through photography is commendable. This startup plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative and breaking stereotypes through visual storytelling.

Scouty Ltd.: Unlocking Unique Spaces for Content Creators

Scouty Ltd. operates as a marketplace that connects content creators with unique locations for their photo and film shoots. By offering a diverse range of rental properties, Scouty gives creatives the opportunity to capture engaging content in distinctive environments. Their platform simplifies the process of finding the perfect backdrop for creative projects.

Tutti: Empowering Artists with Creative Spaces

Tutti is a marketplace that helps artists in various creative fields, including music, theatre, dance, film, and photography, find and book physical spaces for their projects. This startup understands the importance of having the right environment to foster creativity and provides a platform that connects artists with suitable spaces.

Studio 185: Essential Marketing Tools for the Property Market

Studio 185 specializes in creating essential marketing tools for the leasing and investment property markets. Their expertise in advertising, marketing, and photography enables them to deliver compelling visuals that showcase properties in the most favorable light. Studio 185’s contributions play a vital role in the success of the real estate industry.

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Blazin’ Boar Productions: Delivering Measurable Results through Videos

Blazin’ Boar Productions, although now out of business, left a mark on the industry during its time. This video production house transformed clients’ visions into impactful videos that delivered measurable results. Their expertise in film production, photography, and video editing created visually stunning content that resonated with audiences.

White Tusk Studios: Award-Winning Video Production & Food Photography

White Tusk Studios is an award-winning video production and food photography agency in London. Their specialization in TV and film production positions them as a leading creative force in the industry. With their exceptional skills and attention to detail, White Tusk Studios brings stories to life on screen.


The photography startup scene in London is vibrant, diverse, and filled with innovation. Each of the showcased startups contributes unique value to the industry, be it through location-based photo sharing, immersive experiences, rental marketplaces, or specialized creative services. As these startups continue to push boundaries and redefine the possibilities of photography, London remains a hotbed of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in the field.

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