Can Behavioural Analytics Revolutionise Your Company’s Cyber Network Security?

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  • CybSafe is a London based startup, innovating in the industries of Analytics, Cyber Security, Network Security, and Software.
  • The company provides a behaviour-based data analytics platform that educates and assists people in making better security decisions.
  • CybSafe anticipates security issues by providing metrics for security behaviour, culture, and risk reporting.
  • The company has the world’s most comprehensive security behaviour database – SebDB.

In an increasingly digital world, securing personal and corporate data has never been more crucial. Ensuring the right security measures are in place to protect confidential information is the need of the hour. This is where CybSafe, a London-based startup, comes in. Specialising in the fields of analytics, cyber security, network security, and software, CybSafe is uniquely positioned to enhance your company’s network security.

The company offers a behaviour-based data analytics platform that helps individuals make improved security decisions. Not only does CybSafe equip users with the knowledge and tools to combat cyber threats, but it also provides a learning platform that adapts to a user’s knowledge and risk profile to offer tailored security assistance.

What sets CybSafe apart is its unique approach to network security. Recognising that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work when it comes to cyber security, they developed SebDB, the world’s most comprehensive security behaviour database. CybSafe’s platform is constructed around this database and uses it to offer proactive, personalised recommendations to its users.

Additionally, CybSafe assists organisations to anticipate security issues through metrics around security behaviour, culture, and risk reporting. This allows businesses to implement preventative measures even before a potential security breach happens, thus offering an additional layer of protection.

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With the ever-evolving digital landscape and increasing cyber threats, CybSafe offers a revolutionary solution to bolster network security. Through their personalised approach and real-time, tailored cyber assistance, CybSafe stands poised to redefine how organisations deal with network security. As technology continues to advance, and the use of behaviour-based analytics gains acceptance, CybSafe appears all set to establish a leading position in the cyber security industry.

For those who are interested in learning more about CybSafe or want to contact them, visit their website or check their profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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