Can Blockchain Disrupt Portfolio Management for Hedge Funds and FinTech?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Galaxis Network is a London-based startup that is disrupting portfolio management for hedge funds and FinTech through blockchain technology.
  • Galaxis’ platform use smart contracts to manage digital assets, offering a transparent and secure way for crypto custody providers, traders, and investors to perform asset swaps.
  • With the blend of blockchain and FinTech, Galaxis is showing promise in potentially revolutionising the way we view and manage digital assets.

The world of hedge funds and FinTech is being considerably disrupted with the advent of blockchain technology. At the forefront of this disruption is a UK startup by the name of Galaxis Network. Founded in 2019 by James Bridgewater and Anthony Dupre, the London-based company is shaking things up by decentralising portfolio management through blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The genesis of blockchain technology has brought about a new level of transparency and security, disrupting traditional mechanisms in various industries. Galaxis Network leverages this technology to create a financial platform for managing digital assets for hedge funds and private equity holdings. Their compliant smart contract-based digital asset swap protocol is tailored to cater to crypto custody providers, traders, and investors.

What primarily differentiates Galaxis from other FinTech and blockchain startups are their state-of-the-art, smart contract-based protocols and their peer-to-peer portfolio following top trader performance. At a time where digitisation is on the rise, Galaxis’ system ensures both transparency and security, with encoded contracts that can’t be altered after being deployed, thus guaranteeing a high-level of trust between all parties.

Additionally, their model allows investors to directly follow the strategies of top traders, providing access to high-performing strategies that were out of reach for most, democratizing the hedge fund industry. This not only ensures transparency but can also lead to increased returns, influencing the landscape of the hedge funds and FinTech industry.

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Looking towards the future, Galaxis Network is set to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of hedge funds and FinTech. Their integration of blockchain technology into portfolio management presents vast potential for further development and innovation in the industry. As the company continues to grow, it will inevitably face more challenges and opportunities that will shape the future of this innovative startup.

The blockchain revolution is far from over, and companies like Galaxis Network are the pioneer soldiers in the vanguard of this ever-evolving field. For more information on Galaxis Network, visit their website at or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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