Can Blockchain Revolutionise Charitable Donations? UK’s Innovative FinTech Solution

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Seeking the intersection of FinTech and social good, Bristol-based startup is developing an innovative solution leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionise the system of charitable donations. With the high digital transaction costs impeding the amount charities receive from individual donations, Evershare’s open banking platform proposes to allow contactless payments at a lower cost, thereby enabling more money to reach the intended charities.

Set against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has exacerbated the decline of cash transactions globally, the need for alternative donation methods is urgent., founded by Tim Hegarty, has stepped up to rise to this challenge, aiming to significantly transform the way financial transactions in the charity sector operate.

Key Takeaways

  • is a Bristol-based startup that is using blockchain technology to revolutionise charitable donations.
  • The company offers an open banking platform that allows for low-cost contactless payments.
  • The innovative approach aims to help charities receive more donations in a post-cash era that Covid-19 has accelerated.
  • Founded by Tim Hegarty, Evershare is leading the way in a FinTech response to a social problem.

Fitting in perfectly at the junction of the blockchain, FinTech and peer-to-peer industries,’s core differentiated strategy relies on their low-cost, contactless payment and donation platform. By reducing friction costs usually associated with digital transactions, particularly those processed through traditional banking methods, Evershare allows a higher proportion of donations to reach the intended recipients, thus maximising the impact of each donation.

The startup also capitalises on the increased use of QR code scanning for mobile payments, spurred on in no small measure by the Covid pandemic. By offering an easy and efficient donation process through an intuitive mobile banking app, aims to redefine the donation landscape in the charity sector.

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In the future, hopes to continue leveraging its unique position in the intersection of the blockchain, FinTech, and peer-to-peer industries, driving forward the cause of social technology while providing more accessible and efficient means for charitable transactions. As financial technology continues to make inroads in virtually every sphere of human activity, there is undoubtedly great potential for growth and impact for startups like’s innovation is a sign of the exciting and transformative journey the charitable donations industry could take, harnessing new technologies to deliver greater social impact. To learn more about their pioneering work, follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and visit their website.

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