Can Blockchain Revolutionise Philanthropy Through E-Commerce Mobile Payments?

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In the quest to understand the future of philanthropy, our spotlight shifts to a promising startup, ‘Fana’. The driving force behind Fana is the combination of Blockchain technology, mobile payments and e-commerce, to revolutionise the philanthropic sector. With a compelling mission to decentralize philanthropy, Fana is turning every consumer into a philanthropist with every checkout, and addressing the ease and why of giving. Fana is strategically headquartered in London, one of the global powerhouses in the realm of FinTech and Blockchain, promising a significant global impact.

This community-based platform has positioned itself as the first and only philanthropic community for mobile-native users. The concept is simple yet transformative – with every e-commerce transaction, a portion goes to charity. Thus, converting every purchase into a philanthropic act. It’s an ambitious endeavour that aims to leverage the global reach of e-commerce and the advanced security of blockchain to create an influx of funds for charitable causes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fana leverages blockchain technology to decentralize philanthropy.
  • Every e-commerce transaction made via Fana contributes a portion towards charitable causes.
  • The startup is paving the way for seamless and secure charitable giving through e-commerce.
  • Fana’s pioneering approach combines blockchain, mobile payments, and e-commerce for social impact.

An essential differentiator that sets Fana apart is its creative fusion of philanthropy with e-commerce and blockchain technology. By imperatively exploring the innovative application of blockchain technology in the charity sector, Fana is helping to build trust, transparency, and improve the effectiveness of giving. Most importantly, by converting each checkout into a donation, they are creating a new avenue for everyday philanthropy, thus reshaping consumer behaviour.

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Moreover, Fana has been successful in building a community of mobile-native users with a shared zeal for impacting the world positively. This community-driven aspect is a powerful tool in creating a more engaged and responsive audience, further accelerating the impact of donations.

Moving forward, the future of Fana and indeed the industry it operates in, appears to be promising. With a growing recognition of blockchain’s potential in diverse sectors including the charitable sector, organisations like Fana will play a significant role in transforming how philanthropy is conducted globally. Coupling this with the exponential growth of e-commerce and mobile transactions, they are poised to revolutionise the very ecosystem of charitable giving.

To join Fana on their journey; exploring their vision at here, head over to their website at, or connect with them on social media on Twitter or LinkedIn. Together, we can empower the future of philanthropy.

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