Can Blockchain Revolutionise Supply Chain Management in the Mining Sector?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Myneral Labs, a London-based startup offers ‘’, a revolutionary supply-chain management software based on the blockchain for the metal and mining sector.
  • The platform helps all parties, from retailers and SMBs to manufacturers and logistical specialists, gain insights and manage their supply chains effectively.
  • With the use of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology, aims at revolutionising the way supply chains are managed in the mining sector.
  • Expect further innovations and developments in the supply-chain sector as Myneral Labs expands and takes the lead in blockchain-based software solutions.

In a world where efficiency in logistics and supply chains is of utmost importance, a London-based startup, Myneral Labs, is working tirelessly to popularise the use of technology to achieve this. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology in its halo product, ‘’, the company is redefining and revolutionizing supply chain management within the metal and mining sector. This all-encompassing AI-powered platform is an all-in-one solution for any business concerned with supply chain operations.

Launched by founders Bogdan Ionut Gheorghe and Max Boender, the platform provides AI-powered insights which allow organisations to gain an understanding of the goods within their supply chain, whether they are small to medium businesses, retail operators, distributors or manufacturers. This digitalisation of operations not only cuts down the time spent on administration, but allows for a seamless and streamlined operation to be carried out.

Myneral Labs has carved out a strong and unique position with The utilization of blockchain technology benefits all parties within a supply chain through increased transparency, better tracking, reduced counterfeit goods and improved inventory management. This is compounded by the robustness and security offered by blockchain, offering a major differential for the startup.

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By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, offers user-friendly tools for users to carefully manage their supply chains. This leads to improved productivity, efficiency and traceability – an edge necessary in the highly competitive mining sector. By using technology to improve insights, the platform allows firms to make informed deicisions about their operations.

As one of the frontrunners in blockchain supply-chain management, Myneral Labs is poised to shape the future of this industry. Having already demonstrated the potential impact of their technology, it is exciting to speculate the further developments set to emerge from this innovative company.

With a constant evolution of technology and digital tools, the future of supply chain management in the mining sector looks set to be defined by pioneers like Myneral Labs. Stay updated with their progress through their website, or connect with them through their social channels – Facebook and Linkedin.

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