Can Carbon-Negative Distilleries Revolutionise the UK’s Wine and Spirits Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Two Drifters Distillery, based in Exeter, Devon, is contributing to sustainability by championing carbon-negative rum production.
  • As the first of its kind, the distillery is setting precedence in the UK Wine and Spirits sector.
  • Despite being a relatively new establishment, they’ve made significant strides in expanding their production capacity and securing key contracts.

As concerns over climate change continue to grow, various industries are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. In the UK’s Wine and Spirits industry, an emerging distillery is taking this a step further. Two Drifters Distillery, nestled in the picturesque region of Exeter, Devon, is a startup making waves in the industry since its official launch in 2019. This isn’t just another distillery, but a beacon of innovation and sustainability, proudly disclosing that they operate the world’s first carbon-negative rum distilleries.

The environmental impact of traditional distilleries is significant. However, Two Drifters Distillery is making a notable difference by taking an altogether different stance. The startup is leveraging technology and green practices to distill their rums, which not only reduces their CO2 emissions but actively removes more carbon from the environment than they produce – hence the carbon-negative claim.

What sets Two Drifters Distillery apart, besides it being carbon-negative, is the exponential growth the company has experienced. Initially, able to produce 80 bottles per week, they adapted to meet the robust demand for their rums, increasing their capacity to an impressive 1800 bottles weekly. They have since sold 5000 bottles globally, indicating an impressive market acceptance level and a positive sign for the future.

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Additionally, the distillery secured key contracts significantly supporting its efforts. The nationally recognized and online-based John Lewis, alongside Exeter Chiefs Rum and Virgin Wines, are among the key strategic partners of Two Drifters Distillery. The establishment of these contracts indicates the industry’s readiness to embrace greener production methods and a potential shift towards sustainability in the wine and spirits sector.

For Two Drifters Distillery, the future seems bright as they continue on their mission to produce high-quality rum while prioritizing environmental care. As they look to expand their offerings and increase their capacity even further, they urge other distilleries to follow their steps towards sustainability.

The UK Wine and Spirits industry is on the cusp of revolutionary change, with startups such as Two Drifters Distillery leading the way. There is a clear message that sustainability doesn’t have to sacrifice quality or growth. Stay updated on their journey by following them on Twitter, Facebook, or visiting their website.

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