Can Enterprise Knowledge Graphs Revolutionise UK Business Consulting Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • aims to transform the business consulting industry with its innovative enterprise knowledge graphs.
  • Its unique multidisciplinary team approach strengthens its ability to handle complex data management in disparate environments.
  • Future expansion plans and further integration of AI into their enterprise knowledge graph may set a new standard in business consulting.

The era of data-driven decision making in businesses has fuelled the development of innovative means to manage and process vast amounts of data. One company at the forefront of this revolution is, a London-based startup specialising in designing and implementing ‘enterprise knowledge graphs’.

A knowledge graph consolidates and contextualises business information from different silos, assisting businesses in deriving actionable insights from their data. With an international team of graph architects, methodology specialists, software engineers and data management experts, aims to connect these business data silos, propelling the mission-critical applications of businesses forward.

What sets apart in the consulting, enterprise applications, software and training industries is their unique approach to data connectivity and contextualisation. By leveraging knowledge graphs, they are able to single out valuable and actionable business insights from myriad data sources in a simple and effective way.

Moreover, with the amalgamation of specialists in various pertinent fields, can achieve a holistic view of data management. This integrative approach helps avoid gaps and discrepancies that can often occur when working in complex, interconnected environments – an added advantage in the business consulting industry.

Looking to the future, could potentially revolutionise not just the UK, but the global business consulting industry. As data continues to grow exponentially across industries, the demand for sophisticated data management platforms like enterprise knowledge graphs is likely to increase. If can maintain its innovative approach and perhaps further integrate AI into their knowledge graphs, it could set a new industry standard.

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How navigates this promising path in the business consulting industry would certainly be an interesting journey to follow. To keep up with their progress, check their website (here) or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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