Can Ethical Ticketing Transform the Event Management Industry in the UK?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Ticketpass is an innovative startup based in London that is working to shift the dynamics of the event ticketing industry.
  • The company delivers an ethical ticketing platform that caps booking fees, aids in battling ticket touts, and offers event organisers the opportunity to provide social impact.
  • Ticketpass differentiates itself by donating 50% of its booking fee to charity projects worldwide.
  • With a focus on tech for good, Ticketpass may just be the key player in transforming the Event Management industry in the UK.


The event ticketing industry has for long been riddled with problems, including dubious booking fees, ticket touting, and a lack of transparency. But change seems to be on the horizon with the emergence of Ticketpass, a London-based startup aiming to revolutionise the event management industry in the UK. Through a strong focus on ethical business practices, Ticketpass offers a novel solution to these recurring issues.

Founded by Rodrigo Bautista, Ticketpass operates as a ‘Tech for Good’ and social impact enterprise. Their primary service is not only a safe and fair ticketing platform that caps booking fees and fights touts but also provides anyone the chance to make a social impact. Anyone who organises an event using Ticketpass contributes to charitable causes worldwide, as the company pledges to donate 50% of the booking fee to charity projects around the world.

Analyzing Differential Factors:

The standout element of Ticketpass is its innovative method of blending business with social impact. It’s a model that gives anyone the power to contribute to society, simply by organising an event. It’s a relatively novel concept in the event ticketing ecosystem and differentiates Ticketpass from mainstream counterparts which primarily focus on the commercial aspect of ticketing.

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The creation of this charitable stream of revenue has a broad scope. This ethical approach to ticketing by Ticketpass could very well pave the path for other entities in the industry to follow suit. By reducing booking fees and combating ticket touting, the company has already shown it is possible to establish a win-win scenario for both event organizers and attendees, while still adhering to ethical practices.


The future of Ticketpass looks bright, especially when consumer behaviour is increasingly swaying towards companies that adopt ethical practices. As the new wave of ‘Tech for Good’ continues to rise, Ticketpass’s unique business model of contributing to social change through event organisation could become a benchmark for the event management industry in the UK.

With tech startups like Ticketpass leading the way, it’s exciting to anticipate how much of a positive transformation we could witness in even the most conventional industries. It reaffirms the belief – business can be a force for good. To follow their journey, connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

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