Can Genetically Personalised Nutrition Shakes Revolutionise Fitness and Healthcare Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • NGX is a London-based startup operating in the fitness, genetics, health care, and nutrition industries.
  • They have introduced the world’s first genetically personalised nutrition shake.
  • NGX nutrition shakes are ideal for active professionals looking to optimise their nutrition.
  • This innovative approach to nutrition can potentially revolutionise the fitness and healthcare industry.

The world of fitness and healthcare is progressively becoming more personalised to cater for individual needs. One startup leading the drive in this bespoke shift is London-based NGX, who have engineered the world’s first genetically personalised nutrition shake. In a society where 2/3’s of the population deal with food allergies or sensitivities, NGX is contributing a more convenient and intelligent solution for nutritional optimisation.

Founded by Alex Blyth, Hugo Jones, Jeremy Poland, and Thomas Duncan Bell, NGX is at the forefront of blending the industries of fitness, genetics, health care and nutrition. Utilising cutting-edge science and innovative technologies, they aim to redefine how society views and interacts with nutrition, focusing on a personalised approach to fit each individual’s unique genetic makeup.

What sets NGX apart is their commitment to personalisation combined with scientific precision. Each shake is tailored to an individual’s specific nutritional needs, identified through a simple genetic test. This in-depth analysis allows the company to determine what nutrients are required, in what quantities, and when they are needed most, ensuring each shake is as beneficial as possible. This is a significant differentiator from generic nutrition shakes currently available on the market that don’t take into account unique dietary requirements or genetic predispositions.

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Additionally, NGX shakes are designed to cater to active professionals who require a convenient and efficient way to keep their nutrition optimised. Too many of us are operating on sub-optimal nutritional intake, hindering our health and fitness goals. By providing a bespoke solution tailored to their precise needs, NGX takes the guesswork out of nutritional optimization, making health and fitness goals more accessible and achievable.

As we look towards the future, personalisation in the field of nutrition, health and fitness is a trend that is only going to continue growing. NGX has an exciting journey ahead in revolutionising the healthcare and fitness industries through their innovative products. By harnessing the power of genetics, NGX is stretching boundaries and creating a future where nutrition is customised to individuals’ needs.

To stay up to date with NGX and their journey, be sure to follow them on their Facebook Page and check out their website here.

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