Can Human-Machine Collaboration Transform Art and Community Spheres in the UK?

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  • Studio Scilicet is a London-based startup focusing on transforming art and community spheres through human and non-human collaborations.
  • They aim to utilize technology not just as a tool but as a collaborating entity in creating installations, experiences and artifacts.
  • The future of Art and community industries could be transformed by this innovative interplay of technology and human creativity.

Studio Scilicet, a London-based startup, reroutes the customary trajectory of technology’s role in art and community spaces. The studio places a magnifying glass on the concept of human and non-human collaborations, opening up a new dialogue on how we comprehend the interface between human creativity and technological advancement.

Founded in 2019 by Sougwen Chung, Studio Scilicet is an experimental workspace where technology is viewed not as a mere tool but as a collaborator. Scilicet endeavors to create a unique synthesis borne out of human-machine collaborations that transcend traditional automation. The studio manifests these ideas through various mediums, including installations, performances, experiences, and artifacts.

What stands Studio Scilicet apart in the realm of the art industry is its innovative approach of using technology as an active collaborator rather than a passive tool. This transformative perspective fuels the creation of distinct human-machine combinations, producing unique artistic expressions that inspire a departure from conventional automation.

Also, their influence extends beyond art and into community spheres, highlighting the potential of human-machine collaboration in enhancing and evolving social experiences, communal engagements, and interactive performances. This amalgamation of creativity and technology, of autonomy and interdependence, cements Studio Scilicet as a groundbreaking pioneer in the art and community industries.

Looking into the future, Studio Scilicet’s vision promises to redefine the landscape of both art and community industries. By incorporating technology as a partner in the creative process, they are at the forefront of a revolution that could significantly influence how the next generation engages with art and community experiences.

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The potential scope of impact and the exhilaration of the unknown makes following their journey an exciting prospect. Stay updated on their pioneering voyage by visiting their website ( or through their Linkedin ( and Twitter ( profiles.

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