Can One Fintech Bridge Traditional Finance to Digital Asset Management?

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Can one fintech startup bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital asset management? That’s the bold question Orbital, a London-based startup operating in the Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, Fintech and Payments industries, seeks to answer.

Orbital’s unique corporate treasury solutions, international reach, and digital asset management platform aim to provide large multinational corporates an integrated offering spanning from multi-currency IBAN accounts, international payments and FX, to digital asset vaults, trading and liquidity and crypto-commerce C2B payments.

Key Takeaways

  • Orbital aims to bridge the divide between conventional financial services and digital assets using a corporate treasury platform.
  • The platform provides an array of services all accessible through one interface.
  • Orbital’s operations are based in London, England.
  • The startup’s focus on providing comprehensive integrated financial solutions set them apart in their industry.

Fintech startup Orbital differentiates itself with a mission to close the gap between traditional financial services and the emerging sphere of digital assets. With its comprehensive treasury solutions platform targeted at large multinational corporates, it addresses a market that is struggling to integrate and keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

This integration, via a single platform, allows Orbital’s customers not only to maintain and manage traditional multi-currency IBAN accounts, international payments, and forex activities, but also to extend seamlessly into digital asset vaults, trading, liquidity, and crypto-commerce C2B payments.

Looking to the future, fintech startups like Orbital that can offer comprehensive, integrated financial platforms may well become key players in global finance. As businesses increasingly engage with digital assets and cryptocurrencies, the ability to integrate these novel financial instruments with traditional banking services within a single platform will be crucial.

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At the forefront of this innovative field, Orbital looks set to not just respond to changes in the industry, but to actively shape its direction and evolution. You can keep track of their progress on their website, Linkedin or their other social media platforms.

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