Can Peer-To-Peer Platforms Revolutionise UK Real Estate Transactions?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Igniv is a free peer-to-peer property platform for sales and lettings.
  • Incentivising users to provide their property details, making transactions cost-free, and rewarding with relevant discounts.
  • 86% of UK property owners say they would use Igniv for future property transactions.
  • Challenging the traditional real estate industry with a fresh, user-centric model.

There’s no denying that the advent of the digital era has reshaped countless industries – and real estate is on top of that list. Propelled into the realm of technological innovation, the property market has seen a radical shift in the mode of operations. Amidst this backdrop, London-based startup, Igniv is set to spark a revolution in the UK real estate industry.

Being positioned as Airbnb for property sales and lettings, Igniv proposes a refreshing approach to property transactions. They break down the barriers of traditional real estate transactions by leveraging the power of the peer-to-peer model, offering a platform where those looking to buy, sell, or let property can connect directly and transact freely.

What makes Igniv stand out in the saturated real estate market are two key differentials: User incentive and cost-free transactions. By incentivising users to provide their property information, Igniv are creating one of the world’s largest property databases. This not only streamlines and enhances the property transaction process for consumers and agents but also provides extensive user interactions for potential buyers.

Moreover, Igniv is removing the cost burden from property transactions, a mighty strain for both property owners and seekers. Users are also rewarded with relevant discounts and offers from the platform’s affiliate partners, creating a model where every party involved benefits.

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With 86% of UK property owners stating they would use Igniv for future property selling or letting, it’s clear to see that this company has tapped into a demand for change within the industry. Looking forward, Igniv’s innovative approach has the potential to redefine the way we perceive and interact within the real estate market, paving the future for other players to follow.

For investors, property owners and consumers alike, the rise of peer-to-peer platforms like Igniv herald a promising future for the real estate industry; one that combines convenience, total transparency, and cost effectiveness. To learn more about Igniv, follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, or visit their website at

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