Can Pre-Built Extractors Revolutionise the Data Scraping Industry in UK?

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Key Takeaways:

  • is a London-based analytics startup that simplifies the process of data scraping.
  • With pre-built extractors, allows businesses to convert websites into spreadsheets or APIs without writing code.
  •’s approach reduces costs as well as the learning curve involved in typical web scraping activities.
  • With the growth of data-based decision making in the UK, might revolutionize the data scraping industry.

Traditional web scraping requires an understanding of programming and can be complex and time-consuming. UK-based startup,, aims to streamline this process by providing pre-built extractors that convert websites into spreadsheets or APIs, eliminating the need for code writing. Located in London, has identified a way to make extracting web data both quick and efficient, allowing businesses to focus their resources on applying the data to achieve their objectives.

Centred in the analytics industry, takes a unique approach to web scraping. Through their digital marketplace, users can choose from hundreds of pre-defined extractors that transform almost any website into an easy-to-use spreadsheet or API. This method not only simplifies data scraping but also speeds up the process, as businesses can start using the extracted data immediately. differentiates itself through its emphasis on user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional web scraping methods, their pre-built extractors require no programming knowledge, reducing the learning curve typically associated with data scraping tools. Additionally, builds and maintains these extractors for its users, resulting in substantial cost savings. These unique qualities set apart from others in the data scraping industry.

Furthermore,’s pre-built extractors remove the hassle often associated with scraping data, making their services accessible to a broader range of businesses. Web scraping has never been easier thanks to their innovative and simplifying technical approach.

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As data-driven decision making continues to grow in the UK, is well-positioned to revolutionise the data scraping industry. By democratizing access to web scraping and removing the technical barriers typically encountered, may lead the way in the future of data extraction and analysis, providing valuable resources for businesses in various sectors.

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