Can Sustainable Digital Wallets Transform The Global Payments And Fintech Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • HELPFUL, a UK-based startup, is transforming the global payments and fintech industry through the introduction of sustainable digital wallets.
  • The innovative company has technology implemented with businesses, retailers as well as the Scottish Government, indicating widespread acceptance and recognition.
  • 75% of all payment transactions by 2026 are projected to be processed by open banking direct payments, highlighting a significant market potential and opportune moment for HELPFUL.

From London’s buzzing startup scene, a game-changing enterprise called HELPFUL emerges harnessing the power of sustainable technology to transform the global payments and fintech industry. ‘Making payments green, secure, and fast’, HELPFUL is redefining financial transactions’ dynamics through its sustainable digital wallets, making transactions less carbon-intensive.

In the wake of accelerated digitisation stimulated by the pandemic, the need for secure, fast, and greener payment solutions has become crucial. HELPFUL fits perfectly in this scenario. It offers businesses an efficient way to make secure payments while supporting their journey to achieving net-zero carbon emissions, adding a sustainability lens to Fintech.

The uniqueness of HELPFUL lies in its commitment to creating a more sustainable world while providing businesses advanced financial tools. As a trailblazer in introducing ‘green wallets’, they are not only making transactions fast and secure but are also significantly cutting down on CO2 emissions. This differentiates them in the crowded fintech space, where many players focus only on the financial aspect, often neglecting the environmental impact.

HELPFUL’s model aligns perfectly with the global trend of Open Banking, as they champion direct payments. With the prediction that 75%of all payment transactions would be done by Open Banking Direct Payments by 2026, it is clear that HELPFUL’s offerings are ahead of the curve and perfectly placed to capitalise on this forthcoming shift in the payments industry.

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Looking forward, HELPFUL’s potential in the global payments and fintech industry is tremendous, with its unique approach combining finance and sustainability. The startup’s progression and the widespread acceptance of its technological solutions by businesses, retailers, and the Scottish government signify its promising future.

The coming years are poised to see a wider adoption of sustainable financial practices, making it a likely possibility that more startups may follow in HELPFUL’s footsteps, further establishing it as a trendsetter in the global fintech arena. Find out more about this innovative company by visiting their website, and following their updates on their social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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