Can UK Non-Profits Revolutionise Salesforce Technical Leadership Globally?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Ladies Be Architects is a London-based non-profit organisation dedicated to the progress and development of Salesforce practitioners. Their goal is to create global technical leaders within the industry.
  • The organisation provides resources such as virtual study groups and a supportive online community to facilitate the personal growth of its members.
  • Founded by three driven women, Ladies Be Architects represents a powerful force challenging the traditional notion of technical leadership.
  • Their efforts present a potential revolution in Salesforce technical leadership, demonstrating that such initiatives can be globally influential, regardless of their non-profit status.


UK-based startup, Ladies Be Architects, is leading the charge in transforming Salesforce technical leadership on a global scale. This unique non-profit organisation operates with the aim of growing Salesforce practitioners into technical leaders in their own right. Born out of a vision shared by three determined women, the team at Ladies Be Architects is challenging gender roles, breaking stereotypes, and reshaping industry standards.

Through provide a plethora of resources tailored to assist individuals on their journey, the organisation also advocates for diversity and inclusion within the industry. The group fosters a community that welcomes anyone, irrespective of their goals or career level, embodying a truly inclusive tech culture.

Startup Analysis:

What sets Ladies Be Architects apart from other tech community organisations is their emphasis on personal development and mentorship. They organise monthly virtual study groups, share success stories and curate an expansive selection of resources to help members progress on their individual journeys. This community-centric model enables members to connect, learn and grow collectively, redefining the traditional structure of technical leadership within the Salesforce industry.

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Furthermore, another differential is their non-profit status. Despite not operating on a profit model, Ladies Be Architects have managed to create a significant global impact. Their work exemplifies how social impact and non-profit initiatives can influence change and advancement in the tech industry, concurrently challenging the convention that only profit-based organisations can foster industry leaders.


As Ladies Be Architects moves forward, its potential to further revolutionise Salesforce technical leadership is limitless. Its dedication towards community development, gender inclusion and non-profit influence proves that it is not just another tech startup. Instead, it stands as a role model, inspiring other non-profit initiatives to emerge and contribute to the the tech industry’s advancement.

The future holds promising prospects for this UK based startup, and its influence is expected to resonate across the industry for years to come. You can learn more about Ladies Be Architects and join their community by visiting their website. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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