Data Renaissance: 15 London Startups Redefining Cloud Services!

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London, England, is a thriving hub for startups, and the Cloud Data Services sector is no exception. In this article, we will showcase and explain some of the most interesting Cloud Data Services startups in the UK’s capital city. These innovative companies are revolutionizing the way data is managed, stored, and utilized, catering to a wide range of industries and businesses.


Datahoard offers a unique proposition to users by allowing them to monetize their data. The platform lets individuals view and control their digital footprints and earn money by sharing their data with vetted companies. With a focus on B2B, Big Data, Cloud Data Services, and more, Datahoard is shaping the future of data management.


Lifebit’s CloudOS platform is an intelligent genomics solution that serves as the industry standard for secure research over distributed big data. Combining artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, machine learning, and more, Lifebit empowers the life science and pharmaceutical industries to make groundbreaking discoveries.


Correvate has commercialized Vercator, a point cloud processing technology that emerged from UCL. Specializing in 3D technology, big data, computer vision, and geospatial applications, Correvate’s platform finds applications in civil engineering, construction, and various other industries.


Intelance emphasizes connected teams and data, promising limitless possibilities. The platform’s offerings span CRM, data integration, data mining, data visualization, and more. By catering to information technology, management consulting, and Internet of Things sectors, Intelance aims to empower businesses with data-driven insights.

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Transfon is dedicated to building modern infrastructure for digital publishers and marketers. With a focus on big data, e-commerce, marketing, and privacy, Transfon’s cloud data services enable businesses to optimize their operations and enhance customer experiences.


Vatix offers solutions to protect lone workers and streamline day-to-day processes for organizations. The platform’s expertise in cloud data services and task management ensures improved safety and operational efficiency for businesses across various industries.


Miraget is a technology solutions company providing B2B lead generation and cloud data synchronization products. By offering data integration and developer APIs, Miraget helps businesses harness the potential of their data and boost their marketing efforts.


Zecure stands as the world’s first turnkey app and cloud-based safety solution. Targeting apps and internet-based industries, Zecure is dedicated to providing secure and reliable safety solutions for businesses and individuals.


Freyda’s cloud-based software is designed to help financial institutions process, interpret, and analyze data from documents. With a focus on finance and software, Freyda’s platform brings efficiency and accuracy to data management.


ScaleXP’s automated analytics platform helps small businesses consolidate their financial and sales data. As a software company specializing in analytics and cloud data services, ScaleXP empowers small enterprises to make data-driven decisions.


Qomply specializes in providing collaborative cloud-based solutions to address EU and UK regulations. Catering to financial services and FinTech sectors, Qomply’s expertise in cloud data services and developer APIs ensures compliance with data-related regulations.


Bedroq is an information technology service-based company, offering cloud data services and solutions. By providing IT services to businesses, Bedroq supports various organizations in their data management and operational needs.

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Naxxar Technology

Naxxar Technology’s cloud-based platform connects policyholders to insurers, shipping lines, and legal services quickly. With a focus on information technology and insurance, Naxxar Technology facilitates seamless interactions between stakeholders.


Agilebydefault is an Agile and DevOps consulting, training, and staffing company. With expertise in cloud data services and enterprise solutions, Agilebydefault empowers businesses to adopt agile practices for improved efficiency and productivity.

xDNA Interactive

xDNA Interactive is an international digital company, specializing in cloud data services and web design. Their innovative approach to data services and web design makes them a key player in the digital landscape.


The cloud data services startup scene in London, UK, is teeming with innovation and potential. These 15 startups are at the forefront of transforming data management and unlocking its immense value across diverse industries. Whether it’s monetizing data, enhancing safety, streamlining processes, or enabling groundbreaking research, these startups are paving the way for a data-driven future. Keep an eye on these dynamic companies as they continue to make a significant impact in the cloud data services landscape.

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