How is AI Revolutionising Programmatic Advertising and Publishers’ Revenue Growth?

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In this edition of our startup showcase, we are discussing PubX, an innovative company in the advertising technology sector, that’s leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to supercharge programmatic advertising and boosting publishers’ revenues. Headquartered in London, PubX is firmly focused on enriching the digital marketing and software sectors with ground-breaking solutions.

PubX’s AI-powered dynamic floor pricing tool is creating a real buzz in the industry. This fully automated technology is both effective and user-friendly, and it empowers publishers to achieve an uplift in revenues without increasing overheads. As programmatic advertising continues to evolve, PubX is positioning itself at the forefront of the trend, maximising the value of ad inventories and revenue opportunities.

Key takeaways:

  • PubX is revolutionizing programmatic advertising adding a value-boost to publishers’ revenues through its AI-powered tool.
  • The London-based startup’s tool is fully automated and simple to use, with proven results in generating uplift for publishers.
  • PubX’s unique AI model is designed to maximize net revenues over CPM or fill-rate, offering not just a tool, but an innovative solution to their clients.

The standout feature of PubX is its AI-powered dynamic floor pricing tool. It serves as a completely automated tool, that’s not just easy to use but also has shown remarkable results in generating uplift without any additional costs to the publishers. Validators of their potential are there in the industry opinion, testifying a boost in advertising inventory worth as a direct impact of the tool.

Furthermore, PubX doesn’t just offer an AI tool, but an innovative solution aimed at the net revenue growth of the publishers. With an AI model crafted to maximize net revenues over cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or fill rate, PubX is setting a trend in digital marketing and advertising.

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As the future unfurls, PubX appears well-positioned to thrive in a world in which programmatic advertising is increasingly central to digital marketing strategy. The startup’s AI-powered proposition is not just solidifying its standing in the fast-evolving ad-tech ecosystem, but potentially redefining how publishers generate ad revenue.

In a digital future where advertising and revenue generation are interlaced with the transformative power of AI, PubX’s innovative offering looks set to become a game-changer. To learn more about PubX and stay updated on this emerging startup, follow them on LinkedIn, or visit their website at

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