How is E-Learning Revolutionising the Data Science Industry in the UK?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tesseract Academy is a London-based startup specialising in E-Learning within the data science industry.
  • The academy seeks to fill a knowledge gap in data science for non-technical decision makers.
  • Founded by Stylianos Kampakis, a data scientist with a decade of experience in both industry and academia.
  • The future of Tesseract Academy looks bright as E-Learning continues to revolutionise industries, including data science.

In an age governed by data and innovation, understanding the complexities of data science is vital for businesses and individuals. Yet, the maze of learning resources can often be overwhelming and inefficient. Enter Tesseract Academy. Run by renowned data scientist Stylianos Kampakis, this startup based out of London offers robust e-learning solutions in the field of data science.

The inception of Tesseract Academy was a result of Kampakis’ quest to educate non-technical individuals who lacked trusted sources to navigate the complex world of data. Not everyone can afford an expensive consultancy, and it’s this gap that the startup is addressing, making data science education accessible, understandable, and practical.

What sets Tesseract Academy apart from other e-learning platforms is their emphasis on creating a ‘coherent story’. The Academy takes fragmented aspects of data science and weaves them into a comprehensive narrative, connecting learners to the bigger picture of data science and its impact. The startup also provides an individualised approach, keeping in mind that not all learners are technical experts, hence, prioritising understandability and practicality over complexity.

In addition to this, Tesseract Academy goes beyond just online classes. They provide resources and ongoing support, instilling in learners the confidence to analyse data accurately and make informed decisions. This way, the startup has established an effective model to democratise data science learning.

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As we move deeper into the digital age, data science will continue to be a critical skill. The future of Tesseract Academy seems poised for growth, as E-Learning revolutionises education, making it more accessible and personalised. Tesseract Academy stands at the forefront of this evolution, equipping more individuals and businesses with the knowledge to harness the power of data.

For those who want to stay updated with Tesseract Academy’s latest endeavours or wish to discover their resources, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or visit their website.

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