How Is One Ascot-Based Startup Revolutionizing the Hyper-Casual Mobile Gaming Industry?

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Welcome to another installment of UK startups that are shaking up their respective industries. Today we are focusing on the hyper-casual mobile gaming industry, specifically spotlighting an up-and-coming startup called Monkey Apps. Based in Ascot, this ambitious company has set its sights on revolutionising the genre of hyper-casual mobile gaming through their innovative approach and forward-thinking mindset.

Monkey Apps began its journey officially in Summer 2021, centered around the vision of creating value-driven, entertaining, and socially connecting hyper-casual mobile games. The company has deeply entrenched its philosophy in a global creative collaboration, inviting not just seasoned experts, but anyone with a creative mind and technical genius to contribute to bringing products to the hands of millions of mobile users worldwide.

Key Takeaways

  • An emerging startup, Monkey Apps, is creating innovative and interactive hyper-casual mobile games.
  • The company, based in Ascot, opened its doors in the summer of 2021.
  • Monkey Apps actively seeks to collaborate with a global network of creative minds and tech-savvy individuals.
  • The company aims to have its products in the hands of millions, if not billions, of mobile users worldwide.

The distinctive aspect about Monkey Apps as a startup is its approach towards hyper-casual game development – it is not just about creating games, but creating value. This Ascot-based startup aims to make games that are not just entertaining but also serve as a platform for social interaction and connection. With their open door policy for creativity, they are making the gaming industry more democratic and accessible, which is a stark contrast from the usually closed off and highly competitive field.

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Moreover, one cannot overlook the company’s ambition. Launched in the midst of a global pandemic, Monkey Apps already has global ambitions, evident in its initiative to leverage global creative power for their products. Founder Josh Roy’s vision of bringing their product to millions, if not billions, of users worldwide is not a common aspiration among new startups, making his company’s aim a trailblazing one.

It is this combination of ambition, innovative spirit, and collaborative ethos that makes Monkey Apps a startup to watch. As they continue to expand and create more games, there is potential for them to influence how hyper-casual gaming is viewed, played, and developed. In an industry historically dominated by big players, these fresh perspectives offer an exciting look into the future of mobile gaming.

In conclusion, Monkey Apps is a startup that’s pushing boundaries in the hyper-casual mobile gaming industry. The future for this ambitious company founded by Josh Roy certainly looks promising. By continuing their trajectory of innovation, inclusivity, and ambitious growth, Monkey Apps could well be instrumental in revolutionising the overall landscape of the industry. To stay up to date with their journey, you can follow Monkey Apps on Twitter, LinkedIn, or visit their website.

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