How Is This UK Startup Revolutionising the Equestrian Manufacturing Industry?

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Key Takeaways

  • Equestrian King is a Birmingham-based startup leading the revolution in the equestrian manufacturing industry with over two decades of experience.
  • They specialise in wholesaling, producing all of their products under their own brand, and supplying directly to equestrian retailers.
  • The startup brings in a fresh perspective in manufacturing, with a minimum order requirement which makes it more accessible for small businesses.
  • Equestrian King has a promising future as an innovative trendsetter in the equestrian manufacturing industry.


The equestrian manufacturing industry is witnessing a significant revolution, led by an innovative UK startup, Equestrian King. With its headquarters in Birmingham, Equestrian King has come a long way, with over 26 years of experience in the equestrian trade. They made an impactful entry into the UK market in 2019 and have been gaining steady momentum ever since.

The company uses its wealth of experience to its advantage, by catering to the niche wholesale sector of the industry. Specialising solely in equestrian products, the company manufactures all its products under its brand and supplies them directly to retailers. The unique strategy not only trails away from the conventional ways of manufacturing but also provides cost-effective and high-quality solutions.


What sets Equestrian King apart from others in the industry is their approach to both the manufacturing process and market supply. Their speciality lies not only in the manufacturing of raw materials but directly under their own brand, which gives them an identity of reliability and consistency. The company caters to the equestrian retailers, providing them with quality products.

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The company also breaks new ground by its minimum order policy. Asking for a minimum order of £120 makes it a more accessible and attractive option for small businesses. This strategy allows the brand to expand its customer base whilst also meeting with its cost requirements.


As Equestrian King establishes its position in the industry, its future looks promising. The company’s innovative approach to manufacturing and supply chain could become a new industry standard. The startup’s focus on brand identity through their manufacture and supply process also sets them up as an industry trendsetter. As they continue to grow, their business model and practices may inspire other startups in the sector.

Interested in knowing more about Equestrian King and their revolutionary approach to equestrian manufacturing? Visit their website, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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