Is A Novel Healthcare Approach Revolutionising Workplace Injury Rehabilitation?

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Key Takeaways:

  • RTW Plus is a start-up based in London, providing a novel healthcare approach focused on workplace injury rehabilitation and return to work.
  • Their approach uses specialist health and wellbeing assessments to identify key health and fitness concerns which may impact on employee wellbeing.
  • Based on the identified risk factors, they provide self-management education, advice and guidance to employees.
  • The future of RTW Plus and the healthcare start-up industry looks promising, with a potential for significant growth and evolution.

The physical and emotional wellbeing of employees is a major concern for businesses globally. Work-related injuries are a common issue affecting not only the health and morale of employees but also the productivity of companies. This is where London-based startup, RTW Plus, comes into play. RTW Plus works extensively on aiding people in their journey of rehabilitation from injuries and assisting them in their return to work.

RTW Plus understands the connection between work and health and believes that a healthy workforce is more productive and happier. This startup has revolutionised the dialogue around workplace wellbeing, changing it from a reactive approach to a preventative one.

What sets RTW Plus apart is its focus on a systems approach to identify key health and fitness concerns that may impact on both individuals and collective employee well-being. Leveraging experts in the fields of healthcare and human resources, RTW Plus goes beyond once-off medical assessments. Using a comprehensive methodology, they map an individual’s health concerns actively and over time, providing accurate and relevant data-based feedback.

In addition, RTW Plus aims to not only identify the problems but also provide solutions. They put in place a robust system of self-management education, advice, and guidance based on the risk factors identified. This unique dual approach of identification and proactive self-management sets RTW Plus apart in the radically evolving healthcare startups landscape.

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The future for RTW Plus is bright; the global interest in workplace safety, health, and wellbeing is only set to grow. As more companies move towards creating an environment of holistic health for their employees, delivering cutting-edge, high impact solutions such as those provided by RTW Plus will only become more essential. The healthcare start-ups industry itself is bustling with innovation and RTW Plus contributes significantly to this momentum.

With roots firmly in place, RTW Plus now has the potential to be a trailblazer in the industry – influencing policy movement towards an integrated work-health culture and making the return to work after injury a seamless, efficient process. Follow RTW Plus on their journey at their website, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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