Is A Single Cloud-based Solution the Future of Business Growth?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Solving business growth problems with a single cloud-based solution is the future of business development
  • Excellent Zephyr provides integration services and Netsuite; a multi-channel business software solution
  • Based in London, England, Excellent Zephyr is reshaping how retail, wholesale, and e-commerce businesses manage their operations
  • With founders John Smith and Jane Doe at the helm, Excellent Zephyr is paving the future of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The future of business growth:

Are businesses ready to break away from traditional systems, and embrace a single cloud-based solution? This is the question London based startup, Excellent Zephyr, is addressing. Their innovative solutions are reshaping how retail, wholesale, and e-commerce businesses manage their operations.

By employing oracle Netsuite solutions, Excellent Zephyr ensures companies have an integrated system that caters to all aspects of their operation. From Point of Sale, CRM, marketing, merchandising, inventory and order management, to financials. As a result, companies can significantly improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and ability to scale.

Why is Excellent Zephyr different?

Excellent Zephyr’s unique selling point is its integral approach to solving potential growth problems in businesses. By integrating every aspect of an operation into a single cloud-based solution, they simplify and streamline the often complex and convoluted systems businesses rely on. This makes it much easier for businesses to scale and develop.

Furthermore, Excellent Zephyr aims to make retail solutions accessible to both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses. Their offerings are not limited by industry or type of business, ensuring they can cater to the needs of a wide range of customers.

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The Future is in the Cloud:

As businesses continue to digitise, the question is no longer if but when they will migrate to cloud-based systems. Excellent Zephyr is ahead of this trend, providing the tools businesses need to successfully navigate this transition. Led by co-founders John Smith and Jane Doe, the future of the startup is looking bright.

The industry frames the introduction of cloud-based solutions as the future of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). As such, Excellent Zephyr is on the right trajectory, making technology more accessible, while facilitating growth and development for businesses around the world. Find out more about their services on their website, as well as their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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