Is a Universal Checkout Experience Revolutionising UK’s E-Commerce and PaaS Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Volume is a fintech startup based in London that provides a universal internet checkout experience.
  • Its Transparent Checkout service allows direct account-to-account payments, eliminating intermediaries and lowering transaction fees.
  • Once integrated, customers can pay online using their bank accounts from any device. The payment is instantly settled after a biometric check, with no need for a card or user ID.

Volume, a revolutionary ecommerce startup based in London, aims to profoundly impact the UK’s E-Commerce and PaaS Industry. Its innovative product, Transparent Checkout, is a universal checkout experience that is upending tradition in the realm of online transactions. Developed with transparency and fairness as its guiding principles, this fintech upstart is working to deliver a payment solution which is beneficial for both consumers and merchants.

As an interactive online payment solution, Transparent Checkout is built on top of open banking. This enables direct account-to-account payments, bypassing intermediaries and significantly reducing transactional fees. By offering merchants and online shoppers a direct line of payment, Volume is increasing transparency, cutting costs and boosting convenience.

Volume’s ground-breaking platform differentiates itself by focusing on account-to-account payments. This bypasses the need for cards, user IDs and passwords, a move that aligns perfectly with the rising popularity of contactless and cardless payments. Moreover, the instant settlement of payments after a requisite biometric check ensures a quick and secure payment process.

Moreover, they offer a truly universal checkout experience, allowing customers to make payments from any device, anywhere, and at any time. They have created a system that is more efficient, more secure, and more convenient than traditional methods, transforming the realm of online payments.

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The potential for the future of Volume in the e-commerce COULD BE staggering. As we move towards a more digital age, the demand for such an innovative, secure, and easy-to-use payment system is likely to grow exponentially. The universal checkout experience, as offered by Volume, could very well revolutionise the UK’s e-commerce and PaaS industry, offering a much-needed alternative to conventional checkout methods.

To revolutionise an industry, innovation is essential. With their focus on combining convenience, security, and immediacy, Volume is redefining the future of e-commerce transactions. Follow them to stay updated with latest news and advancements. Visit their website and LinkedIn page for more information about their services.

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