Is Advanced Link Shortening the Future of Internet Marketing Strategies?

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Soon, traditional marketing strategies on the internet might be kicked to the pavement in favour of newer, technologically advanced strategies. One such futuristic marketing manoeuvre being employed by new startups is link shortening – and leading this change is SCURT Link.

Based in London, SCURT Link is a software company that operates in the fields of file sharing, and internet industries. Their main product is an advanced link shortening service that goes above and beyond the capabilities of typical link shortening services.

Key Takeaways

  • SCURT Link provides a full-fledged marketing platform powered by an advanced link shortening service.
  • Shortened links are generated with a variety of functions such as geo-targeting, device targeting and expiry dates.
  • SCURT Link comes equipped with a powerful analytics tool to track link access, engagement and other valuable data.
  • This startup could pave the way for the future of Internet Marketing strategies.

What sets SCURT Link apart is their powerful platform that enables the creation of marketing campaigns, device-targeted links, geo-targeted links, password-protected links, split links, and even links with expiry dates. Rather than providing just a simple click counter, the company provides a detailed statistical data collection tool. Its advanced functionality allows businesses to tackle internet marketing strategies in a modern, innovative manner.

Moreover, every link generated within the platform can be protected with access restriction, allowing for a controlled sharing environment. This ensures that sensitive files or critical data is shared responsibly with the right audience, further increasing the capabilities of their platform beyond just link shortening.

With its strategic approach to link shortening and the full suite of marketing tools provided, SCURT Link exhibits the potential to revolutionise the industry and set a new standard for internet marketing strategies. Their methodology leans heavily towards providing tools that empower businesses to create more efficient and intelligent marketing strategies.

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In conclusion, advancements in Link Shortening tools like those provided by SCURT Link could indeed herald a new era for internet marketing strategies. The level of control and performance analytics provided create a comprehensive package that can take any marketing campaign to the next level. To discover more about SCURT Link, visit their website at

You can also connect with them socially on their Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin pages. SCURT Link was founded by Ian Petras, who continues to steer the company towards a more innovative future in internet marketing.

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