Is AI-Based Cloud Document Gateway the Future of Automated Business Communication?

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  • Rossum, a London-based start-up, utilises AI technology to automate business communication via a cloud document gateway.
  • The company’s AI-driven technology offers a solution towards managing document processes, by enabling document receipt through various channels, understanding, two-way communication to resolve exceptions, and acting on the data.
  • Rossum’s distinctive functionality sets it apart, aiding in efficient business communication management for industries such as Invoicing, Purchasing, Claims and others.
  • The future for Rossum forecasts a bolstered wave of productivity in managing business communication across innumerable industries.

For many businesses, document management and communication are time-consuming and critical operations. Rossum, an Artificial Intelligence-based cloud document gateway, aims to revolutionise this process. Based in London, Rossum was created by Petr Baudis, Tomas Gogar, and Tomas Tunys, who saw the need to automate this business operation and offer a solution.

The company operates under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and uses a comprehensive approach in document-based processes, including: receiving documents across multiple channels, automated understanding, two-way communication to resolve exceptions, and acting on the data using in-depth integrations. With services extending to invoices, purchase orders, claims, and other business documents, Rossum paves the way for effective automated business communication.

While there are numerous AI-powered SaaS platforms in the market, Rossum’s unique capability to streamline various facets of document processes places it a cut above the rest. The AI developed by Rossum has the aptitude to effectively comprehend the content of a plethora of documents. This results in improved business efficiency with reduced errors and increased automation. The system’s two-way communication also allows seamless interaction to handle exceptions, making it a comprehensive solution for document management.

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In addition, Rossum’s platform is designed to adapt and learn through machine learning. So, as businesses evolve, so does Rossum’s software. It’s pre-programmed to not just understand the intricate discrepancies of corporate communication but to adapt to the unique needs of each company.

The role of artificial intelligence in the arena of automated business communication seems to not just be pertinent but perhaps, mandatory in future. As companies pivot towards digital solutions, Rossum’s AI-based cloud document gateway could very well be the future of efficient business communication, facilitating enhanced productivity in industries such as finance, technology and many others.

Rossum, therefore, is on the trajectory of growth in this evolving landscape of SaaS, with opportunities to expand their machine learning capabilities further through continuous development. For more insights and updates, visit their official website or follow their social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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