Is AI Revolutionising Patient Feedback Analysis in UK Healthcare Industry?

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Key Takeaways

  • PEP Health leading a significant change in analysing patient feedback through AI.
  • The London-based startup transforms healthcare by effectively gathering and analysing real-time patient feedback.
  • Advanced form of Artificial Intelligence and electronic health record (EHR) technology underpins PEP Health’s unique approach.
  • Massive impacts are expected both on the improvement of healthcare providers and patient experiences in the UK.

Answering the pressing question of whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising patient feedback analysis in the UK healthcare industry takes us to a particular startup, PEP Health. Well positioned at the intersection of AI and healthcare, PEP Health is taking strides in transforming the way real-time patient feedback is analysed.

Based in London and founded by Alex Griffiths and Meghan Leaver, PEP Health operates in an increasingly intersected milieu of AI, Electronic Health Record, healthcare, and information technology. Their work stands out in the space, as it emphasises the need to pay detailed attention to patient feedback and to use that analysis to improve the quality of the healthcare delivery system.

What sets PEP Health apart is their unique and innovative product – the Patient Experience Platform (PEP). It automatically collates millions of items of publicly-available feedback from a variety of online platforms which includes the likes of social media. From here, PEP Health’s custom algorithms categorise and score feedback, providing an accurate and unbiased summary of what patients think about their healthcare experiences.

With its technological prowess, PEP Health is enhancing the way healthcare providers can be held accountable, making sure that an enhanced patient experience is placed at the heart of the system. This startup is unique not only in the tools it provides but also in the broad impact it can have on improving healthcare providers and patient experiences overall.

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As technology continues to proliferate every aspect of our lives, PEP Health is at the cutting-edge, championing a new way of looking at patient experiences and healthcare provision. Aided by its innovative application of AI, this startup offers a glimpse into a digital future where real-world, real-time feedback drives improvements in healthcare.

PEP Health continues to rapidly evolve, and such a transformative approach is set to continue revolutionising the analysis of patient feedback in the UK. If you want to be at the front line of this digital healthcare revolution, there are many ways you can connect with PEP Health – via their website at, or through their LinkedIn page.

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