Is AI The Answer To Building Safer Online Communities In IT Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Hubly is a London based startup offering a powerful, secure, community building platform.
  • Utilises AI to combat online abuse, creating a safer digital environment.
  • Platform is unique in offering reward system to members on the basis of data provided.

The IT industry has been grappling with the challenge of building safer online communities. Rising cases of online abuse and harassment have increasingly threatened the digital space, prompting the search for innovative solutions. London-based start-up, Hubly, offers a proposition that aims to address this concern through its AI-enabled Community Building Platform.

Founded by Liam O’Connor, Richard Bailey, and Peter Smith, Hubly deploys technology to build a secure online community, with a specific focus on protection against online abuse. With an easy-to-setup platform, businesses, brands, groups and individuals can create their private networking hubs within minutes.

What sets Hubly apart is its unique combination of AI and PaaS. The AI is used to identify and prevent online abuse, ensuring members of the community experience a safe and welcoming environment. The PaaS makes setting up your own community hub a breeze, streamlining the process whether you’re a brand, an organisation, or an individual.

In addition, Hubly introduces a data-driven rewarding system. Members of the community are incentivised for sharing data, fostering a sense of engagement while also providing valuable information for businesses and brands to improve their services.

As we move forward, the role of AI in establishing safer online communities is likely to become more pronounced. Startups like Hubly are paving the way, redefining community building in the IT industry. The company has managed to successfully incorporate AI to prevent online abuse, raising the bar for digital safety.

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In an industry that’s steadily becoming more digital, platforms like Hubly play an essential role in making online communities safer. It’s not just about creating networking hubs, it’s about securing them. And with solutions like Hubly leading the charge, we’re likely to see a redefinition of online safety in the IT industry.

Connect with Hubly online: Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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