Is AI the Future of Personalised, Preventative Elderly Home Health Care?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tendertec is a groundbreaking AI startup transforming elderly home health care.
  • The innovation differentiates itself by providing personalized, preventative, and cost-effective caregiving powered by AI technology.
  • Tendertec has been awarded for its disruptive invention and is revolutionizing how elderly care is approached in the home.
  • The future of personalized elderly care lies in AI and companies like Tendertec that continue to innovate and push boundaries.

In a world where aging in place and home-based care continue to be preferred by an increasing number of aging elders, innovative solutions to support this burgeoning need have been on the rise. One company entering this important field is Tendertec, a UK based startup employing artificial intelligence to revolutionize personal and preventative care for the older generation in their home environments. Having started in 2017, Tendertec has already bagged various accolades for its disruptive and effective care delivery model.

Founded by Dr. Afroditi Konidari and Rui Zhang, Tendertec’s objective is to ensure senior citizens have a far better ageing journey through personalized technology systems. Their capabilities have been recognized through the EIT Health and GE Healthcare 2018 “Disruptive Product” Award, being named as Vodafone’s 5G Dig Top 20 startup, and inclusion in the Wales Tech 50 List. These acknowledgments significantly validate Tendertec’s pivotal role in changing the dynamics of elderly home health care.

What sets Tendertec apart is its integration of artificial intelligence into an area of social care that has typically been heavily reliant on human input and interaction. Using AI, the company develops intelligent systems that not only offer adaptive and personalized care solutions but also pave the way for preventive interventions. This has the potential to drastically reduce instances of acute emergencies and health crises, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of life and longevity.

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In an industry where immediate response and constant monitoring are critical, Tendertec’s deployment of sensor technology provides a real-time health status of the elderly. By priming the system to recognize any abnormal activity or signs of distress, it ensures that assistance is provided promptly and efficiently. This significantly reduces the burden on caregivers and assures the family members of a safe and responsive environment for their elders.

The future for Tendertec, as well as for elderly home health care as an industry, lies in the continuous innovation and development of their technology. As AI and machine learning continue to evolve, we may potentially see more advanced caregiving models that will further improve the quality of preventative and personalized care. Also, a wider adoption and penetration into homes are expected, as the benefits become clearer and more widely understood.

Connect with Tendertec and learn more about their ambitions for the future of elderly home health care on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, or check out their website for more information.

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