Is Blockchain Disrupting Fund Investment Technology in the UK Finance Industry?

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Key takeaways:

  • FAC (Fund Admin Chain) is disrupting fund investment technology in the UK.
  • It offers a digital funds network for launching and trading investment funds.
  • The startup aims to enable Fund Managers to control the cost of investment.
  • FAC’s operating principles and costs are governed by its network participants.
  • The company was founded by Brian McNulty in collaboration with R3, a distributed ledger technology giant.

Technology is at the forefront of business growth today more than ever. The finance industry, specifically in the United Kingdom, is witnessing a phase of significant transformation with the rise of blockchain. A startup driving this transformation is FAC (Fund Admin Chain), a London-based firm operating in the blockchain, finance, and fintech sectors. Facilitating investment and trading in funds, FAC is acting as a catalyst for technological disruption in fund investment across the UK.

FAC was founded by Brian McNulty in consultation with R3, a leading name in distributed ledger technology (DLT). The collective experience of the founders in the buy-side and DLT realm is enabling FAC to bring about a substantial change in fund management. The startup’s philosophy is rooted in enabling fund managers to have better control over investment costs, thereby improving returns for end investors, and heralding a new era of transparency in the funds industry.

What differentiates FAC is its peer-to-peer approach that values the contribution of every participant. It offers forward-thinking buy-side participants the rare opportunity to shape the future of the funds industry. The democratic nature of operations, wherein costs and operating principles are governed collectively by the participants, stands in stark contrast to traditional models. Furthermore, in alignment with blockchain principles, FAC operates on a high degree of transparency and openness.

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One of the unique aspects that FAC brings is their strong commitment to improve investor returns. Through its digital funds network, the startup demystifies the process of launching and trading investment funds making it accessible, efficient, and affordable. It empowers fund managers by providing them control over investment costs, leading to improved returns and this commitment to affordability and transparency sets it apart from traditional models.

Looking towards the future, FAC is poised to redefine fund investment by catalyzing innovation in the UK’s finance industry. With the increasing drive towards digitization and transparency, FAC stands as a beacon for the future of the fund’s industry. The unique combination of buy-side and DLT experience is set to continue to help FAC disrupt the fund investment technology scene in positive ways.

For more information, interested users can connect with FAC through their website at They can also follow FAC on their social media handles: Twitter- and Linkedin-

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