Is Circular Economy the Future of Furniture Restoration Industry in the UK?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Reztorer, a startup based in London, operates an online marketplace for furniture restoration and repair.
  • Founded by Will and Joseph in 2021, the brand is simplifying the process of connecting customers with professionals who specialize in restoring furniture. This creates a circular economy in the industry.
  • The accessibility of furniture restoration is being revolutionized due to Reztorer’s platforms and their simple approach.

Set firmly in the heart of London, a city renowned for leading in innovative practices and a aptly associated centre for promoting ‘green’ approaches, Reztorer operates within the sectors of marketplace, professional services, and the service industry. The startup, grounded in principles of circular economy, is centred around the mantra of “Restore, Repair, Relax. Because giving your furniture a longer life should be as simple as buying new”.

The brainchild of Will and Joseph, Reztorer was conceived in early 2021 birthed by their experiences with furniture restoration. They found the process of finding trusted craftsmen, gauging fair prices, and ultimately restoring furniture, stressful and complicated. Intent on making a change, they founded Reztorer to simplify this process and connect people with professionals in furniture restoration.

What separates Reztorer from other comparable companies in its field is their commitment to creating a circular economy, making restoration as easy as buying new. Many people discard old furniture when it could be easily restored, contributing to waste and further environmental issues. By creating a marketplace that easily connects customers with professionals in the home interior and furniture restoration industry, Reztorer is successfully bridging this gap.

The brand possesses a user-friendly interface and prioritises simplicity and ease of use for customers. This is a crucial differential in an industry riddled with complexity, giving Reztorer an advantageous position in the marketplace. Moreover, the company is making practical and efficient use of digital transformation trends within the service industry.

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Looking towards the future, Reztorer is clearly spearheading a much-needed change in the furniture industry, promoting the concept of a circular economy and waste reduction. The brand stands at the forefront of a major shift, and if trends continue the way they are—more consumers becoming aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions—Reztorer’s potential for growth is immense.

Customer habits are changing, becoming more conscious of the environmental impacts of their consumer behaviour. With Reztorer’s unique offering, we’re inclined to agree with their proposition that restoration and repair in the furniture industry is the future, and they are positioned to be at the forefront of this exciting shift. To keep up with Reztorer’s growth and innovative journey, follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or simply visit their website.

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