Is Cloud-Based Project Management Transforming the UK’s Computer Software Industry?

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Key Takeaways

  • Barvas is a cloud-based project management startup based in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom.
  • The startup provides unique services optimized for teams of 10 or less, assisting in managing workloads, organising thoughts, and keeping projects on track.
  • As a rising star in the UK’s computer software industry, Barvas illustrates the transformative potential of cloud-based project management in enhancing collaboration and efficiency.


Cloud-based project management platforms have been transforming the computer software industry worldwide, and the UK is no exception. With its distinctive focus on teams of ten members or less, Barvas, a startup based in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, has taken an innovative approach to cloud-based project management. Providing services that help manage workloads, organize thoughts, and keep projects on track, Barvas aims to reduce the stress of managing complex, multi-faceted projects.

Founded by Craig Willis and Fraser McLaughlin, this cloud-based project managing genius is optimising the way teams function and work gets done. Where online collaboration and sharing of plans is a necessity, Barvas stands out as a resourceful and futuristic platform in the competitive landscape of the computer software industry.

What Sets Barvas Apart?

The prime differential that sets Barvas apart from its competitors is its tailor-made cloud-based project management solutions for smaller teams. While most project management tools are designed for larger corporations, Barvas has identified a niche where specific solutions geared towards teams of 10 or less can address the unique challenges these small teams often face such as communication gaps and inefficiency. Furthermore, the platform avoids the bells and whistles, focusing instead on what truly matters: managing workloads, organising thoughts, and keeping projects on track, hence making it a preferred choice for startups and smaller companies.

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Additionally, Barvas’s cloud-based nature further aids in the transformation of the computer software industry. With its digital-first approach, it provides an element of flexibility, allowing teams to collaborate and share project plans from any location. This service comes in particularly useful in a modern work environment that increasingly favours remote and flexible working arrangements.

Looking Towards the Future

Given the increasing demand for the transformation of traditional project management, Barvas appears well-positioned to shape the future of the UK’s computer software industry. As the need for remote collaboration continues to increase, the role of cloud-based project management platforms is set to grow. The approach Barvas takes, focusing on small teams, could very well be a game-changer, shedding new light on how smaller establishments can benefit from tailored project management plans.

To follow Barvas and stay updated on their processes and services, check them out on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


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