Is Cloud Computing Transformation The Key To Optimal IT Infrastructure Management?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Cookdown is a UK-based startup that solves critical challenges in Cloud Computing and Cloud Infrastructure Management.
  • They extend the capabilities of Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), such as Powershell Authoring and Alert Tuning.
  • The company integrates SCOM into ServiceNow, allowing SCOM Alerts to automatically raise incidents while using SCOM data to populate ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database.
  • Cookdown represents the forefront of IT infrastructure management in an era of increasing importance for Cloud Computing.

In an ever-increasing digital and connected world, cloud computing has become an essential component for any business. With the rise of big data, it has become necessary to manage and store vast amounts of digital information efficiently and securely. Cookdown, based in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, offers practical solutions to these needs, extending SCOM to overcome critical IT infrastructure challenges.

Specialising in Cloud Computing and Cloud Infrastructure, Cookdown addresses some of the key challenges associated with these fields, particularly around Powershell Authoring and Alert Tuning. By improving upon existing systems and integrating seamlessly with others, Cookdown helps businesses boost their productivity and efficiency, vital for remaining competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

What sets Cookdown apart is its innovative approach to integrating SCOM into ServiceNow. This integration allows SCOM Alerts to automatically raise incidents and uses SCOM’s data to populate ServiceNow CMDB. In effect, this means the often complex and time-consuming process of data and incident management becomes streamlined and automated, saving businesses’ time and resources.

Furthermore, Cookdown leverages SCOM agents to map complex Business Services in ServiceNow, enabling a comprehensive and easily understandable visual representation of business services and the IT infrastructure that supports them. This innovative application of cloud technology to support IT infrastructure helps businesses to reduce downtime and maintain their service quality.

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Looking to the future, Cookdown has a promising trajectory ahead. As more companies migrate their data and services to the cloud, the demand for systems like Cookdown’s- that streamline and automate IT infrastructure management- is only set to increase. Furthermore, with its proven ability to solve critical challenges and provide practical solutions, Cookdown is well-positioned to capitalise on this growing market.

In conclusion, Cookdown is a shining example of a startup leading the way in Cloud Computing and IT infrastructure management. As the world increasingly turns to cloud services, Cookdown’s innovative solutions are setting the standard in this rapidly growing industry. Connect with them on their
Twitter, Linkedin and check out their website for more information.

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