Is Co-Ownership the Future of Successful Global Game Development?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Kepler Interactive is innovating the gaming industry through a co-ownership model.
  • The London and Singapore-based company allows developers to retain their creative independence and gives them a stake in the business.
  • The future of global game development could be influenced by this co-ownership model.

Video gaming has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, providing interactive digital entertainment to millions of people worldwide. Yet, in this rapidly evolving industry, game developers often feel squeezed and marginalised. A London-based start-up, Kepler Interactive, believes it has found the solution by flipping the traditional developer-publisher relationship on its head with their co-ownership model. Their founders, Alexis Garavaryan, Richie Zhu and Samuel Lee, seek to foster a sense of partnership, creative freedom, and shared success not commonly seen in the industry.

Kepler Interactive’s approach is to give game studios a stake in the business, along with a leadership role in strategic decision-making. This unique co-ownership model maintains the studios’ creative independence while providing the financial, marketing, and developmental support necessary to bring great games to market at scale. At their London and Singapore headquarters, they house an experienced team well-versed in supporting developers to actualize their game concepts.

What sets Kepler Interactive apart is their innovative strategy of creating a global game publisher that is co-owned and run by developers themselves. This structure offers the developers a direct influence on the company’s strategic decisions, thus eliminating the usual friction between developers and publishers. The developers also benefit by sharing in the profits of the company’s successes, providing an additional incentive beyond their basic remuneration. This business model could significantly alter the dynamics of the gaming industry and potentially disrupt traditional publishing models.

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In addition, Kepler Interactive’s emphasis on preserving the creative independence of its partner studios is an essential part of their strategy. This nurturing of creativity can potentially result in a broader range of game concepts, genres, and styles, which in turn, could captivate a more diverse gaming audience. Furthermore, their strategic locations in London and Singapore enable better outreach and coordination with partnering game studios worldwide.

In conclusion, Kepler Interactive is truly a start-up to watch in the gaming industry. Their co-ownership model appears poised to address some of the key challenges faced by game developers and could potentially reshape the future of global game development. As games become more complex and demand for new experiences increases, partnerships and co-ownership models like that of Kepler Interactive could indeed become the industry’s key to success.

With a unique approach towards developer empowerment and shared success, Kepler Interactive is making waves in the gaming industry. Stay updated with their latest projects by connecting with them on their website and following them on social media: Website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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