Is Co-Working the Future? Exploring Flexibility in Office Administration and Smart Cities

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Key takeaways:

  • Othership is setting the stage for a flexible, remote or hybrid working environment through their suite of networking offerings; coworking spaces, events and online collaboration tools.
  • The startup works with individual freelancers to corporates, providing a robust platform for team collaboration.
  • Othership distinguishes itself by not only providing a shared space to work but also fostering a sense of community through their unique setup of coworking spaces and networking events.

Othership, a London based start-up, is revolutionising the conventional working norms. They are establishing flexible working and collaboration between individuals and teams in an ever-increasing remote and hybrid working environment. The approach taken by Othership is to provide networking spaces, events and collaboration tools that foster a sense of community while offering a flexible working environment.

Hybrid and remote working is emerging as the future of workplaces. This shift in workplace dynamics is due to the digital revolution that encourages digital nomadism. As such, there is growing demand for co-working spaces equipped with reliable internet and other essential office amenities. Othership has positioned itself to fill this gap.

By focusing on the needs of both freelancers and corporates, Othership offers a wide range of flexible membership options. For individuals seeking their own space or looking for a community of other like-minded professionals to interact with, Othership provides a suitable and conducive environment. For enterprises looking to operate remotely, Othership can go as far as to craft tailored solutions best suited for each company.

Unlike other co-working spaces that may focus primarily on providing a shared office space, Othership enhances this by also fostering a sense of community in their unique set up of workspaces and networking events. They are not only addressing the need for physical working spaces but also enabling members to connect and collaborate with others โ€“ a crucial aspect of thriving in the modern workplace.

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Othership is pioneering in a sector that is constantly evolving. As the digital nomad culture grows, the demand for co-working spaces will continue to increase. With its unique approach and flexible services, Othership is ever ready to adapt and meet these emerging trends head-on. This ability to adapt makes it a standout player in the coworking sector.

Not only will Othership continue to evolve its services, but we can also expect to see this start-up contributing to discussions and ongoing developments about our Smart Cities. In the long term, the co-working trend combined with the proper planning for our Smart Cities will dictate the way we choose to live and work. Visit Othership to learn more or connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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