Is Customised 3D Printed Nutrition the Future of Personal Health and Wellness?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Nourished, a Birmingham-based startup, is transforming the nutrition industry with its bespoke 3D printed vitamin stacks.
  • The award-winning tech company utilizes patented 3D printing techniques and an exclusive vegan encapsulation formula.
  • Nourished offers a tailored nutrition product, combining up to seven high-impact nutrients into one personalised gummy stack.
  • Committed to sustainability, Nourished uses 100% plastic-free packaging and only premium, sugar-free, and vegan ingredients.

Is customised 3D printed nutrition the future of personal health and wellness? Nourished, a tech startup in Birmingham, UK, is betting on it. Leveraging the capabilities of 3D printing technology, Nourished is disrupting the nutrition and wellness industry by providing personalized, on-demand gummy vitamins. With a unique blend of e-commerce, fitness, nutrition, and subscription service elements, Nourished’s innovation is changing how we approach our nutritional needs.

Founded by Melissa Snover, Nourished is an award-winning company that’s making significant strides in various industries from 3D Tech to Personal Health. Their unique selling point: a tailored nutrition product, ably combining up to seven different high-impact nutrients, super-foods and vitamins into a single delicious gummy stack. It aims to ease the process of ingesting nutritional supplements and breaks the mould of conventional pill form supplements.

The differential lies in Nourished’s cutting-edge 3D printing technique and patented vegan encapsulation formula. Through this process, they can curate personalised nutritional solutions anchored on individual users’ unique needs. By disrupting the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to nutrition, Nourished offers a convenient, innovative and highly personalised alternative to off-the-shelf supplements. Their method also ensures high bioavailability — meaning the body absorbs the maximum amount of vitamins possible.

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Additionally, Nourished reflects a commitment to sustainability that sets them apart. They use 100% plastic-free packaging and concentrate on premium, sugar-free and vegan ingredients. This approach complements their vision to provide a nutrition solution that is equally beneficial for the people and the planet.

As we look forward to the future of Nourished and the industry it’s pioneering, it is evident that the prominence of 3D printed, personalised nutrition is just beginning. As more consumers recognise the importance of personalised wellness, startups like Nourished are poised to play a pivotal role in dramatically shifting the health and wellness landscape. The innovation of 3D printing could very well eclipse traditional methods of producing and distributing health supplements, making the conversations about industrial disruption more vibrant and urgent. Stay tuned with their groundbreaking work on their website and social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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