Is Customised Mindfulness the Future of Soothing iOS Apps in UK?

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Key Takeaways

  • Jinglow is a novel startup based out of London, setting a new trend in the iOS Apps industry within the UK.
  • The startup dedicates itself to offering customisable mindfulness, stress relief tools, and a companion for your meditation needs.
  • Jinglow’s unique feature includes the recording of your own voice and pairing it with calming background sounds.
  • The future of soothing iOS Apps in the UK could lie in personalised mindfulness experiences, a market Jinglow is prepared to conquer.

Breaking new ground in the iOS app market, Jinglow stepped into the scene as a London based startup, aiming to revolutionise the way people manage stress and cultivate mindfulness. The UK has seen a plethora of generic mindfulness and relaxation applications, but none quite like Jinglow, which brings customisation of meditative practices to the forefront.

Jinglow strives not only to provide tools for stress relief but also creates a companion for inner wellbeing and better sleep. The app equips users with a library of sounds for unique quiet-space planning, alongside guided meditations for all-around support in self-improvement endeavors.

The distinctive aspect of Jinglow lies in its customisability. Unlike crowd-pleasing meditation apps which solely rely on pre-recorded sessions, Jinglow offers users an intuitive platform to record their own voices. This gives a highly personalised dimension to the meditation routines users follow, motivating them to delve deeper into the process. Users can also pair their recordings with a range of background sounds provided by the app, hence allowing for a entirely curated meditative environment.

Moreover, the features such as guided meditations and a comprehensive sound library make Jinglow not only an innovative powerhouse, but also an all-rounded wellbeing application. By allowing users to mould their own mindfulness experiences, Jinglow has differentiated itself in the bustling market of iOS applications in the UK.

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Jinglow’s foray into the future looks promising. The startup has injected the much-needed fresh perspective into the mindfulness apps domain. With increasing popularity and acceptance of mindfulness exercises for holistic wellness, the demand for such personalised apps will only rise. Jinglow, being one of the pioneers in this race, would undoubtedly lead this wave of change.

As with any market trend, the future of soothing iOS Apps in the UK would progressively lean towards customised mindfulness experiences. As users seek unique, personalised means to stress-relief and holistic wellness, customisation would define the next wave of applications. The time is ripe for startups like Jinglow, navigating their venture in this futuristic pathway. To find out more about Jinglow, you may visit their website here or follow them on socials at Twitter and Facebook.

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