Is Digital Transformation Revolutionising Medical Aesthetics in Healthcare Industry?

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Key takeaways

  • SKIN.EXPERT is a digital ecosystem designed to support the growing demand for ‘quality consumption’ in the medical aesthetics field.
  • By offering transparency in the field of aesthetic medicine, they provide valuable information on treatment methods and service providers.
  • Originally established in London, England; the enterprise has planned to redesign the health care, internet, and social media industries.
  • The ecosystem includes marketing tools for doctors, an online portal, and related mobile applications.

The digital revolution has sparked significant changes across numerous sectors, with the healthcare industry being among the most transformed. One startup, SKIN.EXPERT, is at the forefront of this transformation in the medical aesthetics sphere. By utilizing dynamic digital platforms, they are providing information, tools, resources and support like never before which is impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of treatments and services within this niche.
SKIN.EXPERT, a London based startup, is filling the demand for improved ‘quality of consumption’ in medical aesthetics. Founded by Dmitry Karpov and Alexey Timanov, the company is deemed a game-changer in the sector. It demystifies treatment methods and provides a closer insight into the providers while enabling a simple yet extensive comparison.

Set apart from the rest in the healthcare industry, SKIN.EXPERT is proving to be a game-changer by creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem. This ecosystem isn’t limited to one aspect of aesthetic medicine. Instead, it stretches from an informative online portal to a CRM system, essentially acting as a tool for both doctors and patients alike.
Moreover, the most noteworthy aspect of this startup is its inclusivity. In addition to offering valuable information on various aesthetic procedures, they also aid practitioners with a set of marketing tools. These tools include website builders and the capability for digital assessments of patient photos. This complete, rounded service solidifies SKIN.EXPERT’s position as a pioneer in the digital transformation of medical aesthetics.

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The influence SKIN.EXPERT has on the medical aesthetics field is a testament to the digital revolution’s potential within the healthcare industry. The company is set to pave the way in reinventing the industry’s traditional approach to aesthetic procedures.
With a promising future of growth and greater reach, SKIN.EXPERT is a beacon for those looking to explore the benefits of this digital era further. Those interested in following their journey can do so through their Facebook page, Linkedin or via their official website.

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